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Custom Intellivision Box Cover: Choplifter!

How To Record Video Game Footage

A question often asked is "How do you record video game footage?". There's a handful of options out there, each with their own pros and cons. If you want to record commentary along with your videos, the process can get even trickier. Here are some common methods.

Console Direct to Digital via Camcorder

This is the RX method of choice.
Our camcorder has the very nice feature of letting us plug the game console directly into the camcorder and recording everything straight on to a…

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Artist For Upcoming Intellivision Homebrew Minehunter Wanted

Classic Game Publishers/Elektronite is currently seeking an Artist for the upcoming re-release of the great Intellivision game Minehunter. This will be the art featured on the box front, instruction manual, and overlays.  Any Artist wishing to find out more information can contact them on their site to find out more details. Minehunter is expected to release this summer at the latest.Also check out the original game developers page for more information on the game Minehunter.

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Porsche Collector Lawsuit: Intellivision sold for rent payments

A racing company that said it fell behind on its rental payments at a Joliet warehouse is suing its landlord for allegedly selling the property it kept there — including four Porsches and an old Intellivision game system they say was worth $7,000.

Rush Hour Racing LLC filed the claim in Will County against Joliet-based Team Stradale Inc. Neither company’s representatives would agree to talk about the lawsuit.

Rush Hour’s suit said it had an oral agreement with Team Stradale in May 200…

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Massive Intellivision Collection Pick Up Video

Check out this massive Intellivision Purchase by TOYRATT Retro Video Games in Ontario, Canada.

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Same Game & Robots Now Shipping

Intelligentvision's newly improved re-release Same Game & Robots is now shipping, there may still be some copies available from Here is a description of the game: Strategy and planning is the name of the game regardless which title you choose to test your wits against. Learn to analyze and predict how the game will unfold to achieve the most points and successful completion. Welcome to the peaceful world of SameGame and the tense world of Robots. Either choice is an addicti…

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Visit the FORUM Retro Gaming Revolution!

The Intellivision Revolution forum has changed names to Retro Gaming Revolution. This will reflect a new direction for the website as more sites are added in the future. Visit it here: Retro Gaming Revolution.

Intellivision Display At The Smithsonian American Art Museum

We finally get to see the Intellivision display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The games featured are: 

 Utopia (Genre: Tactics)   

Star Strike (Genre: Target)    

TRON Maze-A-Tron (Genre: Action)    

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons—Cloudy Mountain (Genre: Adventure)

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No Regrets

Searching through the Internet I came across this old photo of a father playing Intellivision with his son from 1981. Here is the photo and the story behind this interesting picture. I'm sure we all have similar memories. The full Article can be found here. Enjoy.

" I thought I'd post this picture of my Dad and I playing Intellivisionback in the early 1980's. I love this picture. We were collaborating on one of the simple initial game offerings on this system: Space Battle. One of us would nav…

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Four Intellivision Games Featured In Exhibition At Smithsonian American Art Museum


Four classic Intellivision video games were chosen for the "The Art of Video Games" exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., opening March 16. The exhibition showcases the 40‐year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, focusing on striking visual effects, the creative use of technologies, and highlighting the most influential artists and designers.

"Intellivision is honored to be part of this groundbreaking exhibition," states Keith Robinson,…

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Revival Magazine Space Patrol Review from 2008

With Space Patrol most likely seeing more copies released along with the long rumored Super Space Patrol this year, here is a chance to look back at REVIVAL magazine's original review of this fantastic homebrew game. Space Patrol is considered one of the best games PERIOD on the Intellivision Console. This year may be your chance to pick it up in case you missed it when it originally released or have been trying to pick it up on auction sites but has been too expensive. Stay tuned for more relea…

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D2K Cartridge Label Design

The cartridge label for the upcoming Intellivision release has been shown, this should be the final design. This game is still on schedule for a release in April 2012. The cartridge itself is a NEW design and mold by Joe Z. of LTO. This cartridge is the first time new ones have been made for the Intellivision. Elektronite/Classic Game Publishers INC/Left Turn Only. and possibly other Intellivision developers will be using new cartridges for upcoming games versus using recycled ones.

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D2K Updated Release Information

The release of the upcoming Intellivision game D2K Arcade has been pushed back to the end of April, 2012. The controller overlay design has been finalized and the box art is being worked on by the author of the arcade version of D2K Jumpman Returns. The cartridge will be brand new, as designed by Joe Z. from Left Turn Only, the author of Space Patrol. The actual game itself  is in the final testing phase. This release also features digitized sounds taken from the original Donkey Kong code and re…

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Coleco Posters Of Unreleased Intellivision Games Up for Auction

Up for Auction this week on Ebay are multiple rare Coleco Poster Ads for released and unreleased games for the Mattel Intellivision System. These rarely if ever come up for auction. The game titles include Turbo, Carnival, Lady Bug, Frenzy, Pepper II, Tarzan, and more. Check out the Ebay seller CASEYNYDAHL to view the Posters up for sale.

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Retro Intellivision Imagic TV Commercial

D2K Arcade Release Coming Soon

Stay tuned to the official ordering site GAMESFORYOURINTELLIVISION for ordering and updates on more upcoming Intellivision releases.

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