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Vision-Daptor USB Controller Adaptor Is Available.

The Vision-daptor is a USB interface for connecting ColecoVision and Intellivision controllers to your PC/Mac. Check out Duelcam's develpment notes on Atari Age. No driver is needed as the Vi…

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D2K T-shirts Available!

D2K T-shirts are available to order on the ClassicGamePublishers website to order yours!   They currently have L, XL, and XXL  in Stock.
They are accepting requests for other sizes up to 5XL. This is…

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Build Your Own D2K Paper Arcade

Build your own D2K paper arcade cabinet! Visit JEFFSROMHACK for the full size download. Also visit his D2K information page.

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First look at DK Arcade Instruction Manual

The instruction manual for the newly re-released DK Arcade game has been revealed. The game is available for purchase at Elektronite now.

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Greatest Baseball Video Games Of All Time

Bleacher Report has a list of the top 50 Baseball games ever made. Nice to see an Intellivision game made the list! In 1983, every company with a game system seemed to try to make a baseball game, o…

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Vintage PITFALL Commercial with Jack Black

What if Angry Birds Was released in the 80's?

Video Game Box Protectors!

Want to protect your games from any further wear and tear? Check out Video Game Box Protectors for these clear plastic protectors. They have them for a wide variety of systems including the Intelliv…

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Graphics: Atari 2600 Vs. Intellivision


Realsports BaseballBaseball
Realsports FootballNFL Football

Star RaidersSpace Spartans

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Gauntlet for Intellivision?

Don't get your hopes up just yet. This is just a concept screen AA user Bladejunker. Maybe someday it will be made into an actual game, we can dream, right?

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Christmas Carol Teaser Video

A new Teaser video has been revealed of the upcoming Intellivision game: Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents. The game is in the final testing stage and should see a release sometime i…

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D2K Arcade Instruction Manual Art Revealed

D1K Arcade Is Now Available

Head on over to ClassicGamePublishers to order the CARTRIDGE ONLY re-release of this excellent game for the Mattel Intellivision Console. Ordering Information is available by going to the site as well…

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Evil Doctor Intellivision

Thanks to IntellivisionDude for pointing this video out!

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