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Vintage Mission-X Commercial

Atari 2600 Vs Intellivision Comparision

Concept For The New Intellivision Gatefold Box

The concept proof gatefold box for new Intellivision games has been revealed. This new box design will used for the upcoming boxed D2K Arcade release from Elektronite by ClassicGamePublshers this July…

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Playboy Model and an Intellivision Controller

D2K Is Officially Available!

The wait is finally over, D2K by Elektronite is available for purchase on the ClassicGamePublishers website. This is the Cartridge/Manual release, It features a brand new cartidge design as well. Chec…

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The Burgertime Maze Editor

Burgertime for the Mattel intellivision is considered one of the best arcade ports of the game, for any system. Great gameplay, great graphics, all around great arcade action. Arnauld Chevallier and D…

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Homebrew Release Schedule Section Updated

The Homebrew Release schedule has been updated here on IntellivisionRevolution. All known releases have been added to the list of upcoming games. What a great past year it has been for new Intellivisi…

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Intellivision Cuttle Cart 3 is Sold Out

If you were planning on ordering Chad Schell's Intellivision multi-cart the Cuttle Cart 3 you will no longer be able to do so as of right now. It is listed as tentatively sold out, unless a pending or…

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Spiker Super Pro Volleyball on the Auction Block Again

It has been a while since a boxed Spiker Super Pro Volleyball game has been up for auction. As of this writing  the bidding is around $500.00. Previous auctions for Spiker have been between $1,100 and…

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DK ARCADE Gameplay Video

Gameplay Video of the Newly released DK Arcade game from Elektronite by Classic Game Publishers. Order your copy by going to the Classic Game Publishers website. Coming soon is D2K as well…

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Same Game & Robots From Intelligentvision Is Still Available!

In case you missed it somehow, The 2012 version of Same Game & Robots in Intellivoice style box is still available at Visit the ORDERING page for how to order this and other Intellig…

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D2K available soon!

The release of D2K for the Intellivision is finally upon us. According to Classic Game Publishers, It should start shipping in about 2 weeks. Due to some printing issues a 'CART ONLY' version will be…

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