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Intellivision King Of The Mountain Gameplay

Intellivision's DK Arcade on sale July 4th for 30.00!

Miss out on the recently released DK Arcade cart release by Elektronite?
 DK Arcade SALE! $30 US per copy with FREE SHIPPING 

 That is right. Order 1, Order 2, Order 10......just Order! This is a …

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Treasure Of Tarmin Perfect Game Challenge

Try the AD&D Treasure of Tarmin Challenge  by INTELLIVISION TREASURE OF TARMIN.


Rewind the clock and you’ll find classic video games that paved the way for the…

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Minehunter Box Art Revealed

The box art for the upcoming release Minehunter has been revealed by Elektronite. This will be the third release this year by Elektronite/Classic Game Publishers, First was D1K quickly followed by D2K…

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Elektronite's D2K Box Revealed

Visit ELEKTRONITE or CLASSIC GAME PUBLISHERS for availability and ordering this new Intellivision release.

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German Collection Video

Ghosts Of Tarr-Minos Indie Game On Xbox Live

A sequel to the Mattel Intellivision game Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Treasure of Tarmin was recently released on Xbox 360 Live in the indie section. You can check out more details by going to the X…

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CGR Classic Game Room D2K Arcade Review

Intellivision Serial Number database

Introducing the Mattel Intellivision console and accessory serial number database. This user based database will help in tracking the locations and areas of existing consoles and accessories that ar…

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Mash Up: Kool Aid Man & Jurassic 5

Retromags Downloadable Game Magazines

Want to take a look at retro video game magazines? Welcome to Retromags, the vintage video game magazine archive. This site is all about digitally preserving video game magazines from yesteryear. …

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Mah Up: Dragonfire & L.P.'s Burn It Down

Intellivision On Wii U, That Would Be Awesome.

Intellivision Themed Arcade Cabinet

Check out this Custom Intellivision themed arcade cabinet. This is a real labor of love and it shows. Visit the WOODONICS development page.  

Welcome to Woodonics Arcade !    

LaughingThis project …

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Incredible Hulk for Intellivision

The Intellivision almost seen a release of The Incredible Hulk by Parker Brothers. I came across this cool video of one of my favorite Hulk comics: Hulk The End and thought of the Hulk gam…

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