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Intellivision's Paddle Party Making Progress

Paddle Party for the Intellivision is still making progress, keep up to date in the development diary. Paddle Party

CGE 2K12 Is Almost Here!

The Classic Gaming Expo is just a couple of weeks away, happening on August 11th and 12th 2012 in Las Vegas. This event will be a special event for Intellivision fans especially, Intellivision Productions, Elektronite, and Left Turn Only will be present. Maybe a few surprises will surface from this event. You can see more about this event on the official site: CGEXPO. Classic Gaming Expo enters its 13th year as the world's first and largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and gam…

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D2K Arcade Box Art Design Concepts

The recent release of Elektronite's D2K Arcade did not always look so good, it went through some designs that were not up to par. The design was to favor the  mock up box of Defender Of The Crown, but it did not go so well. Here is the story straight from Elektronite's William Moeller:

I got the idea from an Elektronite box mock up of Defender of the Crown. I loved the 'Elektronite wave' and wanted to do that, but I had no idea how to get it into Adobe Illustrator.

I had early version…

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Happy Trails Prototype

Six New Games Are Currently Available For Intellivision

The Intellivision homebrew scene has scene alot of activity the last year or so, mostly due to Intelligentvision and LTO, and now Elektronite/ClassicGamePublishers. At this time there are six games currently available for purchase! This most likely is the first time there has been this many available for purchase, but hopefully not the last. Check out the Homebrew Release section for the full list and links to order some game.

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D2K Arcade Boxed Collectors Edition Is Available

Good things come to those who wait, the cartridge only version of D2K Arcade by Elektronite/Classic Game Publishers has been availe for a while now. Now for those who were holding out for the complete boxed collectors edition, your wait is over! This is a completely new game including a new gatefold style box, new controller overlays, new manual, and a newly disigned cartidge. Plus you are getting two separate games in one package for under 70.00! Head over to Elektronite or Classic Game Publis…

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Introducing the Ultimate PC Interface For Intellivision

From comes the Ultimate PC Interface for the Intellivision. This new Product should release this year. Visit for ordering details.

The only way to play Intellivision games is with the unique controller. This is easly obtained by playing Intellivision games on the real hardware. The second option would be in emulation on the PC but the PC keyboard has no way to reproduce the 16 direction disc or the feel of the controller.

Enter the Ultima…

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Defender of The Crown Cartridge Sticker Revealed

The sticker graphics for the hopefully soon to be released Intellivision game Defender Of The Crown has been finalized. These great looking cartridge stickers can only be made possible by the newly designed cartridge by Joe Z. of Left Turn Only. This game will hopefully one day be completed and released by Elektronite/ClassicGamePublishers. More news as it becomes available.

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New Pitfall Game Coming To iPhone

You spent hours playing Pitfall on an Intellivision or an Atari 2600 back in the day, imprinting your impressionable brain with a fear of crocodiles that not even delicious Choco-diles snacks can’t conquer. Also you love gold. A lot.

You want more Pitfall. It’s coming… to the phone you carry in your pocket everyday.

Per MCVUK, a new Actvision studio in Great Britain has been working on a new Pitfall game targeted at smartphones. The article quotes Activision’s Martyn Brown as sa…

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Consoles: 2013 looks like 1983

SOURCE: The Guardian.

There has never been a greater degree of uncertainty surrounding the future of video game consoles – or has there? Does the great crash of 1983 hint toward our future?  

Atari blew it. At the start of the eighties, the manufacturer of the world's best-selling console allowed its market to be flooded with mediocre games, published by reckless and cynical third-parties. Meanwhile, the company over-hyped and over-manufacturered its own monstrosities,…

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D2K Arcade Boxes!

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