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D2K Arcade Prototype Items For Sale

This is your chance to own one of a kind D2K Arcade Development prototype items used in the creation of the great game by Elektronite. Visit the Ebay auction and take a look for yourself.

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CGE 2K12 Video Game History Museum

CGE 2K12 - David Crane's Jungle Adventure Announcement

Classic Gaming Expo 2012 Announcement by David Crane on his new project, David Crane's Jungle Adventure. Includes kickstarter launch and launch video of the project, along with info…

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D2K Arcade Available On Ebay - Paypal Now Accepted!

D2K Arcade is available on Ebay right now. They are accepting Paypal if that is your desired form of payment, check this game out if you have not! It is easily one of the best games available for the …

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High Score Club - Popeye - Play Now!

Join the Intellivision High Score Club over on Atari Age in the Intellivision forums. Compete with players from around the world. Every couple of weeks new games are rotated into the competition. This…

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Sealed Intellivision Tutankham sells for $1,136

Tutamkham for the Mattel Intellivision recently crossed the $1,000 mark, $1,136 to be exact, only a few Intellivision game titles have ever sold this high. Spiker being one of them of course. This was…

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The Ultimate PC Interface Is Now Available

For those who have been waiting for a way to easily use original Mattel Intellivision Controllers or accessories, your wait is finally over! This single device is compatible with Your original Control…

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D2K Arcade Gameplay By Intellivisiondude

LTO's Christmas Carol Box Revealed

Left Turn Only has revealed Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents. It is currently available onlt at the CGE 2K12 convention, soon to be made available to all. The official website was…

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CGE 2K12 - David Crane Will Reveal New Game

Legendary game designer David Crane will kick off CGE 2012 by announcing his newest gaming venture. It is here that the author of Pitfall, Dragster, Ghostbusters, A Boy & His Blob and numerous o…

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CGE 2K12 Convention Has Started

One of the largest classic video gaming conventions is finally upon us. There will be plenty of Intellivision related stuff happening there this year with Intellivision Productions, Elektronite, and L…

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Elektronite Reveals DK Arcade Concept Box

Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 3

Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 2

Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 1

Imagic's Fathom Poster

D2K Arcade Sealed Games!

Enter Your System's Serial Numbers!

All are welcome to enter your Intellivision System or Accessories serial number into the Intellivision Serial Number Database here at Intellivision Revolution! Check out the Database HERE.

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Toy Fair 1982 Parker Brothers Promotional Video

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