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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition has Officially STARTED

The D2K Arcade HSC has officially started! Time to start playing and competing for the top score. The competition starts February 1 and ends February 28 2013. Multiple tiers of prizes will be reward…

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Check out J2 Games - Video Game Trader!

J2 Games and Video Game Trader have merged. Check out the new site for great deals, and if you are near Atlanta Ga USA, make sure to visit the Video Game Trader retail store. They have a great selec…

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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition Patch Revealed

Left Turn Only PCB to be used in upcoming Elektronite Releases

The upcoming Elektronite Intellivision releases will take advantage of the new JLP4 PCB designed by Left Turn Only Productions.

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Intellivision Papercraft!

Retro Game Themed Bedroom

Intellivision / Gameboy Development Kit Up For Auction

Up currently on Ebay is a one-of-a-kind Intellivision/Gameboy development kit. View the auction HERE.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind auction. The following is from the auction description:

I am the…

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Retro League's Podcast Featuring Intellivision

Atari VS Intellivision 2013

Collector CMART's Parker Brothers Collection


There were usually three types of boxes available, the regular US issue, the bilingual Canadian version and the International release. Here, sadly with one glaring omission, is all of the Parker B…

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Try Colecovision Homebrews at TeamPixelBoy!

Head over to TeamPixelBoy and check out the Colecovision Homebrew selection.

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Upcoming Game Match 5 Menu Screen

Elektronite Reveals New Clear Cartridge Shell Design!

Newsletter update for Elektronite's 2013 Releases


A recent Elektronite Newsletter update outlines this years release schedule and plans for upcoming Intellivision releases. Have you not subscribed to the newsletter? Do so HERE! Here is a sneak …

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CONFIRMED?????: The Origin of the Spina The Bee game, 30 years later!

As reported a few weeks ago HERE, the possible origin of the unfinished Intellivision game 'Spina the Bee' fit almost perfectly with the description of the Maya the Bee franchise. Now thanks to a ti…

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Elektronite's Minehunter Still Available

Have you missed out on getting the Elektronite Minehunter release? Some copies are still available for purchase, visit ELEKTRONITE for ordering details.


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Elektronite Reveals Box Art for The Lost Caves Of Kroz Game

New Intellivision Patch for D2K Arcade

Preview of upcoming D2K Arcade patch for a High Score Contest. Details coming soon.

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Preview of 'Burgertime 2' by Intelligentvision

A new Burgertime game is under development by Intelligentvision. More details can be found HERE. It is unknown if this will see an actual release at this time.

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Interview: David Harley of Intelligentvision


Spanning almost a decade (2003 – 2012), David Harley and Intelligentvision released 17 games for the Intellivision console. The first one being the famous Stonix. In N…

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