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Intellivision Invaded eJagFest 2013

Groovybee and his Intellivision invaded eJagFest 2013 in Germany during the this past weekend. Showing off the upcoming Rocketeer and also Hover Bovver. Check out more details directly from Groovybe…

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Fight for gaming consoles supremacy started with Atari vs. Intellivision

On Thursday, Sony’s PlayStation 4 arrives. One week later, Microsoft’s Xbox One debuts.

Given the escalating anticipation for these latest-greatest game systems, expect long lines and sold-out …

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LISTEN TO Intellivisionaries Episode 3 Podcast

The Intellivisionaries Episode 3 podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!

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Check out the LINKS page for other related Intellivision Sites!

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Paddle Party Gameplay Video

Paddle Party for the Intellivision is available now, check out this gameplay video of it in action!

Also head over to CLASSICGAMEPUBLISHERS and take advantage of  the 2 for 100.00 sale!

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Boulder Dash for Intellivision Updated Box Art

Elektronite has shown the latest box art for its upcoming release Boulder Dash.

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Paddle Party for Intellivision Now For Sale

Elektronite's latest release, Paddle Party, is now available for purchase, head on over to Classic Game Publishers to get your copy!

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The Death of Blockbuster and Physical Media

Blockbuster will soon be dead. If it isn't already.

By early January, Dish Network, parent company to the sad remnants of the once-ubiquitous video rental chain that long-ago made it OK for adults …

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A Lone Intellivision Console at the NC Comicon 2013 Convention

Went to the NC Comicon 2013 Convention, and noticed one Video game booth that had an Intellivision Console, which was actually not for sale, just for show. A great Comic convention with tons of fun …

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The SEARS Overlay Set is ready to Purchase

Pboland's Sears Overlay Set for the Mattel Intellivision is ready to order. Check out the OFFICIAL ORDER THREAD at Atari Age. 60 sets are ready to ship now, with only 100 total planned sets to ever …

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Groovybee reveals new game NEXT STREET for Intellivision

Next Street is in development by Groovybee for the Mattel Intellivision. It is expected sometime in 2014. Check out the Devolpment thread over on Atari Age. There is a playable demo available for do…

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Enter the Mouse Trap High Score Competition

The Intellivision Mouse Trap High Score Competition will begin November 10th and run to November 30th. Get your Intellivision fired up and get to playing!  The top five scoring players will win a ne…

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Intellivision at Stan Lee Comikaze Convention

The Intellivision booth will be inside the fabulous Videogame History Museum at this year's show, Booth #123. Whether you grew up playing and loving video games or are just curious how blocky litt…

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