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Vintage Intellivision Game Commercial

The Worlds Largest Video Game Collection

Valiant Comics has PITFALL themed Comic Book Cover for ETERNAL WARRIOR

A recent issue of Valiant's Eternal Warrior issue 2 payes homage to the Pitfall Atari 2600 cartridge. 

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Subscribe to new RETRO Videogame Magazine

A new classic video game magazine is out now. Subscribe to RETRO VIDEOGAME MAGAZINE, Digital and printed issues are both available, although print issues may be somewhat limited. 

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Video Game Trader Magazine Issue 26

Check out VIDEO GAME TRADER Magazine and subscribe!

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SPACE RAID Announced For Intellivision

Nanochess has announced a new Intellivision homebrew game he is programming for the Mattel Intellivision. Not much else is known about this game other than the screen shot. Expect more details as mo…

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The World Book Tutorvision Page

Visit the WORLD BOOK TUTORVISION information page!

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Vote for 2013 Intellivision GAME OF THE YEAR

2013 was another great year in terms of game releases for the Mattel Intellivision. A total of 5 games were released, they were: Match 5, Super Pro Tennis, DK Arcade, Super Chef BT, and Paddle Party…

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Intellivision DOMINOES line with 750 Cartridges

Introducing the Intellivision 750 game cartridge Domino line toppler! Enjoy!

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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 4 Now Available

Another great Intellivisionaries Podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Tune into Episode 4, the final episode of the year. 

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Elektronite has extended sales for a limited time

Sales of Elektronite games have been extended only a few more days. Elektronite will return sometime in the Spring of 2014 with new games!

Head over to CLASSIC GAME PUBLISHERS to make your selectio…

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Christmas Carol Now On Facebook

Check out the NEW Christmas Carol Facebook page. Pick up Carol for your Intellivision today!

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Retro Auction but and sell old VIDEOGAMES

RetroAuction is dedicated to helping you buy and sell retro video games. Content will focus mainly on consoles released in the U.S. before 1983, especially the Atari 2600 (VCS) and 5200, Bally Astro…

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Exclusive Interview with Elektronite Owner William Moeller

Check out the Bottoms Up interview with Elektronite owner William Moeller, maker of  new Intellivision games!

Interview HERE.

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Orders for all Elektronite ending DECEMBER 15 2013 place your ORDER NOW

Elektronite, makers of some fantastic new Intellivision games, will moving overseas soon and will temporarily stop all sales of games. The deadline for ordering is December 15 2013. Sales should res…

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Intellivision Blue Sky Ranger DAVE AKERS has revealed a video of Hockey Robots of Death, available in the Paddle Party release.

Check out the game in action:

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Intellivisionaries Focus Interview with Host

Check out the Intellivisionaries Podcast Show HERE!

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Press 8 Gameplay Video for Intellivision

Download the free PRESS 8 game ROM Here to play on your CC3 or in Emulation!

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CGR Reviews 1982 Intellivision Catalog

Super Chef BT Gameplay Video

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