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Intellivision T Shirts are on SALE

IntellivisionLives is having a Discontinued T Shirt Sale! Head over to the Official Store to get your girl a shirt!

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Good Deal Games now has D2K Arcade and Minehunter in Stock


D2K Arcade and Minehunter are now in stock at Good Deal Games

D2k Arcade is priced at 69.75 and Minehunter is priced at 64.75, shipping charges apply.




One smart ape has …

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The Story Of Tutorvision

In 1989, INTV Corp. made a deal with World Book Encyclopedia to manufacture an educational video game system called Tutorvision. The Tutorvision console would be a modified Intellivision, molded in …

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CBC Interviews Elektronite's Willy Moeller

There is one crucial detail that distinguishes William Moeller from other tech entrepreneurs in Hamilton.

While many local firms focus on creating applications for the web or for mobile devices, hi…

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New Intellivision Game ROCKETEER Announced PRE ORDER NOW

Pre Orders are being taken for the newly announced Intellivision homebrew game Rocketeer. Head on over to the Atari Age Forums to see the announcement from GROOVYBEE and express your interest in get…

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Elektronite at Vigamus - Video Game Museum


Elektronite was at Vigamus, the second largest video game museum in Europe. Representative Valter Prette was the speaker and presented an Intellivision slide show to the attending audience.…

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Halo is now available for Intellivisi.....Atari 2600

Halo 2600 is an original homebrew game created by Ed Fries for the Atari 2600. Ed Fries once worked as the VP of Game Publishing for Microsoft's Xbox division and was instrumental in bringing Bung…

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The Stupid History Of Downloadable Games

Today we take downloadable content for granted. After all, rumors have been circulating that the next generation of hardware might not even have a disc drive, or at least will allow digital releas…

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The SEARS Tele-Games Overlay Set

Introducing the upcoming Intellivision Sears Tele-Games branded Overlay set!  This set is in the works from AtariAge user Pboland and is making great progress. Also planned is a newly designed cust…

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D2K Arcade High Score Competition is Half Over!

Check out the D2K Arcade Competition Leaderboards!

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Mega Rare Intellivision Lot For Sale

A one of a lifetime Intellivision auctions has surfaced on Ebay, one like this may never be seen again. Take a look at the auction HERE. Who will step up to aquire this $25,000 starting bid auction?…

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Mattel Aquarius Vintage Commercial

CGR Finally Reviews Intellivision Lives on DS

Intellivision Games Now on Playstation Home


Vita owners need to stop by the PlayStation Store today to pick up PlayStation Home Arcade. We may not have the Second Life-ish app on our systems, but we now have its arcade. The collective of …

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D2K Arcade Gameplay - Eliminator Stage Reached

Tales From The Darkside Of Intellivision

The Ultimate PC Interface Now supports Intellivision, Colecovision, and Atari 2600

The Ultimate PC Interface now supports Intellivision, Colecovision, and Atari 2600! All the more reason to pick one up. 

This is available to purchase at INTELLIVISION.US.

If you are interested i…

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