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Mattel Aquarius Homebrew ROBOTWON 2525

A new Mattel Aquarius homebrew game is being considered by BARNIEG, the game is Robotwon 2525. check out the announcement HERE.

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DK Arcade Boxed Version coming in April

The release of the latest Elektronite game is coming this April. It will retail for $60.00 US plus shipping and handling.

Do you own the original Elektronite cart only release? If so, you may be sa…

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Only A Few More Days to Pre-Order ROCKETEER

The recently announced Intellivision homebrew game Rocketeer will no longer be able to be ordered after March 31st 2013. Once the Pre-Ordering is over no more games will be produced. Now is you last…

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New Intellivision Homebrew announced KILLBOTZ

A new game called Killbotz! has just been revealed by Groovybee, this game has similar gameplay and style as such games as Robotron or Berzerk. Pre-orders will begin sometime in May or June 2013.

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Tron: Complete

Tron: Complete for Intellivision. Express your interest in HERE.

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Gameplay for upcoming release MATCH 5

The player selects a piece and a place to move it, in order to get 5 pieces in a row.

If the player doesn't get 5 in a row, 3 pieces are added to the playfield (these pieces are displayed in the "N…

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Capcom Reveals Duck Tales Remastered

Game Gavel ASTROSMASH Review for Playstation Home

Game Gavel SHARK SHARK Review for Playstation Home

Super Pro Tennis Development Blog by Intelligentvision

Super Pro Tennis is in development by Intelligentvision. Multiple upgrades are in the works, most notable is the ONE PLAYER addition to the previous two player only option. It is unknown if this wil…

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Rocketeer will have a Limited Release

The upcoming release of Rocketeer for the Intellivision will see a limited release. No orders will be taken after March 31st 2013, Now is the time to get on the pre order list so you dont miss out o…

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Intellivision Defender Of The Crown Update

Elektronite has announced that they have found a programmer to complete Defender of the Crown on the Mattel Intellivision.

  The programmer is Syd Bolton, a programmer for the Amiga system, and cur…

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Keyboard Component sells for 3200

Another high selling Intellivision auction has ended! See the original listing HERE.

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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition has ENDED

What a good month of playing! In the last two weeks two players took the high scores to the next level. Check out the LEADERBOARDS for all the scores.

Thanks to all the players for participating. S…

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