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Syd Bolton Interview Defender Of The Crown for Intellivision

Lets Compare Pac Man

Lets Compare Popeye

Lets Compare Pitfall

Lets Compare Commando

Retro Playcable Commercial

Hyperspin Intellivision Emulation Menu Screen

Life of Pixel Kickstarter

Hover Bovver coming to Intellivision

Hover Bovver for Intellivision has been revealed by Elektronite. More info soon as the release date is revealed.

Box Revealed for Upcoming Intellivision Release SUPER PRO TENNIS

The box art has been revealed for the upcoming Inteligentvision release Super Pro Tennis. This game will release sometime during summer 2013. It features an updated One Player vs. 'The Computer' mode. To get on the ordering list, visit INTELIVISION.US and join the newsletter.

Play against a friend, or play against the computer. One or Two player mode can be changed during game play.

Select between 4 levels when playing the computer. Super Pro, Pro, Advanced, and Beginner

Choose amounts of s…

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New Intellivision Game MARS MINIS Announced

This new Intellivision homebrew will be a mini game compilation of mars themed games. You will select the games from a built in menu. So far there are 2 themes, Caverns and Descent. This will be a CART ONLY release and the ordering cut off is June 30 2013. Visit the development BLOG to get on the ordering list.



The object of the game is to guide your spacecraft along the Mars cavern avoiding the walls and obstacles in your path.

Its very loosely based on SFCave. For those unfam…

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D2K Arcade makes the cover of Revival Magazine

Revival Magazine issue #45 has plenty of Intellivision love, reviewing Christmas Carol and also showing a screen shot of the recently released D2K Arcade by Elektronite. Both games are currently available for purchase. Visit ELEKTRONITE and LEFT TURN ONLY.

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Revival Magazine reviews Christmas Carol for Intellivision

Revival Magazine issue #45  has reviewed Chrismas Carol and given it a score of 8out of 10. Check out Revival magazine HERE.

Christmas Carol is still available for purchase from LEFT TURN ONLY. What are you waiting for?!!

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Elektronite MATCH 5 Gameplay Video

Project Unity Complete 18 Systems In ONE

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