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Intellivision GAME FACTORY and GO FOR THE GOLD Custom Boxes

A limited run of custom Intellivision boxes for two previously unreleased games is now available. Once they are sold out, they will not be made again. Now is your chance to pick up Game Factory and …

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The Intellivision Lost Games Guide

This CD-ROM guide of tons of Intellivision games! A great addition to any collection! Get your copy HERE from Alex Pace.

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MTE 201 Test Cartridge Box Available

Need a box for your Intellivision Test Cart? Once these are gone, they will not be printed again. Get you custom box only from collector Alex Pace HERE!

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Data East Arcade Classics for the Wii

Want to play an arcade perfect version of Burgertime?  Pick up Data East Arcade Classics for the Nintendo Wii.

Review by Classic Game Room.

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Match 5 Still Available for Purchase

The most recent release for the Mattel Intellivision is still available for purchase through Elektronite, check out Elektronite's other great games if you have not already, such as DK Arcade, Minehu…

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Magnavox Odyssey Inventor RALPH BAER and his Legacy

Ralph Baer, the 91-year old inventor of the world's first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey, is pretty sure his legacy is intact, despite various claimants to the honor of bringing video games into…

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7 Retro Video Games Still Worth Playing Today

7 retro video games still worth playing today

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Over the last few years, retro gaming has seen a resurgence in popularity. Nostalgia is a funny thing thou…

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Groovybee's New Intellivision Flash Multicart is Progressing

Atari Age user Groovybee is making progress on his new Intellivision flash based multicart. Alot has been done, but it still has a little way to go, hopefully a release in 2013!  While no Mattel or …

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