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Intellivision Commercial Compilation

Upgrade your SPINA THE BEE Game From Intelligentvision

Intelligentvision is offering to upgrade the ROM of your Spina The Bee game if you had previously purchased a copy in the past. There are numerous changes and upgrades including the game now starts …

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PRE ORDER CBS MOUSE TRAP Alternate Art Reissue

For you variation enthusiasts comes this CBS Mouse Trap alternative art edition. Ordering details are on the ATARI AGE forums. Not part of  the Atari Age community yet, no better time than now to jo…

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Sealed French Space Spartans Sells For 265.00

A recent Ebay auction of a French version of Space Spartans has sold for $265.00. This version is rare enough, let alone being sealed!

View the auction HERE.

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Original 4Tris sells for 848.00

A recent Ebay auction of the Original release of 4Tris has sold for $848.53! This is the first Intellivison homebrew and this version was released in very limited numbers. A true collectors piece!  …

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Portland Retro Gaming Expo coming in 2013

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2013 game convention is just around the corner, will you be attending?

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Boulder Dash Coming to Intellivision

Elektronite, Classic Game Publishers, Inc. and First Star Software, Inc. are pleased to announce that they will be co-publishing Boulder Dash® For the Mattel Electronics Intellivision® video g…

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IN SHELL PROGRAMMER by Left Turn Only for Intellivision

The latest homebrew programming tool by Left Turn Only is the In-Shell Programmer. A very useful tool! 

Visit Left Turn Only!

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Hover Bovver Title Screen

The title screen for the upcoming Elektronite release: Hover Bovver. Keep an eye out for this game's release summer/fall 2013. This game is a joint effort by Elektronite and Mark Ball a.k.a. Groovyb…

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Tales from Elektronite Labs MS PAC MAN and GALAGA

Elektronite has made many attempts to aqcuire official licenses for popular games, such as the official porting of Namco classics:
Ms Pac Man and Galaga!

Having a prototype of Ms Pac Man already in pl…

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Super Chef Burgertime

Super Pro Tennis

TETRIS for Intellivision

The title screen of Tetris is on real and on Intellivision, but is it possible that it could be coming?  Maybe one day.....

See the progress made so far from Elektronite.



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REVIEW - Match 5 by Elektronite


The alien ship wrecking yard. You are responsible for keeping it clean and organized. How do you do that? You must link five or more identical sh…

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REVIEW - Deep Pockets Super Pro Pool & Billiards


Ever wanted to learn nine different types of billiard games? Well, here is your chance! Deep Pockets boasts nine different types of pocket billiards (pool) …

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The Homebrew Heroes Magazine

Who is your Homebrew Hero?

Homebrew Heroes is more than just a magazine, it's over 100 pages of retro goodness dedicated to all things homebrew. Inside you will find the top 10 homebrew games for n…

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The Homebrew Heroes Magazine Promo Video

Get your copy of the Defender Of The Crown DEMO

Elektronite is making available a Non-playable Demonstration cartridge of the upcoming new Intellivision game Defender Of The Crown. The demonstration runs on real Intellivision hardware. Defender o…

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