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MARS MINIS Homebrew Screen Update

The title screen and level intro cut scenes have been updated and are near completion for the upcoming Intellivision homebrew MARS MINIS. 

Official updates will appear in this THREAD BY GROOVYBEE




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Order OLD SKOOL Homebrew from Elektronite NOW

Old Skool is now available to order! This game is available from Elektronite and  Classic Game Publishers. The company that also released many other great Intellivision recently games such as Paddle Party, D2K Arcade, Match 5, and Minehunter. 


Object of the game: Collect all the coins in the maze and find the term paper to collect points and advance to the next level.

Controls: Move with the disk and fire chalk board brushes with action bu…

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The Intellivisionaries PODCAST Episode 5 is now LIVE

Get ready for another great episode Intellivisionaries Podcast, Episode 5 is now live. Head on over to INTELLIVISIONARIES to listen, and then head to ATARI AGE INTV FORUMS to discuss. 

Intellivisionaries takes a “deep dive” into the Intellivoice game “Bomb Squad”, talk Intellivision with video game legend Tommy Tallarico, interview Blue Sky Ranger Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, and Mattel Electronics alum Joey Silvian. Plus we have our usual news and listener feedback segments,…

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2 Intellivision Homebrew Games available for PRE ORDER

Two new releases for Intellivision are expected to be released at the end of 2014,  post your interest for each game in their respective threads.

Magic Carousel and Space 'Beaver'

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Welcome COLLECTORVISION GAMES to the Intellivision Homebrew Scene

Welcome CollectorVision Games to the Intellivision homebrew scene! CollectorVision has been around for many years publishing mainly for the Colecovision console. Now get ready for some more NEW homebrew games for your favorite console, Intellivision!



The first of what is hopefully many more to come is Space Raid, a great new space shooter similar to the arcade game, Zaxxon. Nanochess is hard at work on the programming and hopefully will see a full boxed release in 2014. 

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New Intellivision MULTI CART On The Way

A new Intellivision Multi Cart could be out in the next year or so. Developed by Groovybee, AKA Mark Ball. More details can be seen HERE. 

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