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Intv Brotherhood Shirt and Mug

A new custom Intv Brotherhood shirt and Mug are now available. Head on over to Atari Age for ordering details

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Vintage Intellivision Sales Ad

Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapters

The Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapter by Intellivisionaries


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HIVE Multi-Car Fan Information Video

Intellivision Homebrew BLIX Gameplay Video

The Lost Caves of Kroz Expected to Ship End of October 2014

Elektronite is expecting to ship out The Lost Caves of Kroz later this month, check out the pre-order page for more details on how to order. 

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Boulder Dash for the Intellivision Nears Completion

An update from Elektronite reveals that Boulder Dash is nearing completion, and is on track for a November 2014 release. 

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The Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014

The 2014 PGRE convention is here!  Check out the official website for full details.  Join in the Atari Age Forum discussion HERE

Retro Gaming Expo, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based non-profit …

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Custom Astrosmash Sign

Order your custom Astrosmash sign NOW!

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The HIVE Information Page

Visit the HIVE information page hosted by Intellivsion Revolution. 

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Introducing the HIVE Intellivision Multicart

Groovybee's Intellivision Multicart now has a name, HIVE, as revealed today. The initial run of will only be 20 copies, but a full deluxe boxed copy is in the works. The Initial of run of 20 will be…

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Left Turn Only Presents PUMPKIN SPICE PATROL


Left Turn Only has revealed a special edition of Space Patrol called Pumpkin Spice Patrol. You can download the FREE ROM for play on your CC3 or emulator. The ROM is downloadable HERE

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Collectorvision now shipping SPACE RAID and SYDNEY HUNTER

Collectorvision has officially entered Intellivision scene with 2 great new releases!  Space Raid and Sydney Hunter are both now available for purchase and shipping. Both games include alternate box…

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Add YOUR Intellivision Flashback to the DATABASE

The Intellivision Flashback is now in stores. Feel free to add YOUR Flashback to the Intellivision Serial Number Database. Check it out HERE

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Join the Intellivision Forums TODAY

The Intellivision Forums have recently been redesigned, come check it out!

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New title screen for Intellivision Homebrew GoSub

Atari2600Land has shown a new title screen for upcoming homebrew game GoSub. Check out the development thread HERE.

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Christmas Carol for Intellivision is SOLD OUT

Left Turn Only has announced that Christmas Carol for the Mattel Intellivision is now sold out. Around 300 copies have been sold to date. Never rule out more copies available some time in the future…

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Space Raid and Sydney Hunter for Intellivision ships in October

Announced via the Collectorvision Facebook page, Space Raid and Sydney Hunter ship in October 2014. Have not yet ordered your copies?  Head over the the Atari Age forums for ordering information. S…

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Intellivision Flashback Officially in Stores

I saw AtGames’ Intellivision Flashback and Colecovision Flashback systems in a Toys R Us the other day, and I’ve got to say, we’re in trouble. These things look really cool. I mean, they look like a…

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