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The IntyBasic Game Database

Visit the new IntyBasic Game Database for a view of all known games and tech demos that utilize the new Intellivision Basic Compiler.

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INTYBASIC V0.5 now Available to Download

IntyBasic V0.5 is now available to download. IntyBASIC is an integer BASIC language cross-compiler for Intellivision that helps greatly to ease in writing new games. The new V0.5 version implement…

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Intellivisionaires Poscast Episode 6 Now Available

Check out the latest episode of the fantastic Intellivision poscast from the Intellivisionaries. Episode 6 is AVAILABLE HERE. Then head over to Atari Age forums and discuss your favorite parts in th…

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Introducing CLOWNS AND BALLOONS for the Intellivision

Blue Sky Ranger Dave Akers has a little game in development called Clowns and Balloons, created with the new IntyBasic Compiler programming tool. You can find out more about this fun little game in …

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Elektronite reveals the OLD SCHOOL cartridge label

Elektronite has revealed the final design for the cartridge label on the upcoming release OLD SCHOOL. Some graphic tweaks, adding of high score, and title screen are still underway. This limited rel…

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Welcome SCALPEL to THE 125 CLUB

Scalpel has achieved Platinum status in THE 125 CLUB. He has all 125 officially released Mattel Intellivision games, and then some! Check out his collection HERE. The full list of 125 members can be…

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KABOOM Homebrew for the Intellivision

Kaboom for the Intellivision has started development by Atari Age user KIWI. An actual physical release is not known at this time. Download the WIP here

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Introducing IntyBasic Compliler Intellivision Homebrew Development Tool

Developed by Atari Age user NANOCHESS

This is a command-line integer cross-compiler of a small subset of BASIC, it generates assembler for using with as1600, that in turn generates the final execut…

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APPLE CATCHER Homebrew for the Intellivision

Atari Age user KIWI, has made a little game called Apple Catcher for the Intellivision. An actual physical release may never happen.

But the game is available HERE

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Sealed General Foods KOOL AID MAN Auction

Currently up on Ebay is a copy of Kool Aid Man for the Intellivision. What makes this item so unique is that it is sealed and comes with the shipping box from Gerneral Foods as part of a promo givea…

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Game Spotlight RIVER RAID

River Raid is a scrolling top down shooter game designed by Carol Shaw, and was originally published by Activision in the 1980's for the Atari 2600 video game console. Activision later ported the ti…

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The Incredible History Of Downloadable Console Games

Digital distribution is par for the course these days — regardless of your platform of choice. Sure, the PC gamers have Steam and GOG, but the consoles are heavily entrenched in the world of digital…

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