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Order Your Cuttle Cart 3 BOX Now!

A Cuttle Cart 3 BOX for Intellivision has been designed by famed box maker Marc O from the Atari Age forums. Express your interest in a box if you want one in this Atari Age thread and stay tuned fo…

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Welcome CVGA to THE 125 CLUB Platinum Member

Welcome a new member to The 125 Club, CVGA is now a platinum member, and shows his games in true style, the Intellivision Running Man!

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Gameplay of Intellivision Version of APPLE SNAFFLE

A gameplay clip of the Intellivision version of the upcoming homebrew APPLE SNAFFLE was shown recently. Check out Groovybee's development thread HERE for more details or information. 

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Title Screen for RESCUE ON TERRA 5 Revealed

The title screen for the upcoming Intellivision homebrew game RESCUE ON TERRA 5 has been revealed by Groovybee, check out the development thread for any additional information. 

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Title Screen for NEXT STREET Revealed

The title screen for the upcoming Intellivision homebrew game NEXT STREET has been revealed. Check out the development thread by Groovybee for additional news and information. 

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Retro Gamer Magazine 127 features Intellivision 35th Anniversary Special

The latest issue of Retro Gamer, issue 127, features an article on Intellivision and the 35th anniversary!


Retro Gamer is the essential guide to the fascinating world of…

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The Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Intellivisionaries Podcast is now Live. A whopping 6 hours!  Listen HERE

Join the discussion of Episode 7 over on the Atari Age forums

Program Notes:  

They review all th…

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Pre Order BRICKOUT and CRAZY CLONES for Intellivision

Two new Intellivision games are coming soon. Get on the pre order list and reserve your game. 

Head over to the AtariAge forums for the Brickout and Crazy Clones pre order threads.

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The 21st Century Intellivision Elektronite Interview

The Mattel IntelliVision was released in 1979 to compete against the Atari 2600 and other period game systems like Magnavox Odyssey 2. Back then could anyone have imagined that it would go head to h…

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Ordering for OLD SCHOOL Ends March 31 2014

The deadline for ordering the upcoming Elektronite release OLD SCHOOL is March 31, 2014. No more ordering the cartridge only release after this. Head over to ATARI AGE for ordering details. Don't mi…

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Midwest Gaming Classic April 12 13 2014 Milwaukee

The Midwest Gaming Classic April 12, 13 2014 in Milwaukee, WI USA, more info HERE.

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Video Game Summit July 12 2014 Chicago

The Video Game Summit. July 12 2014 in Chicago, IL USA. More Info HERE.

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Final Boulder Dash Cartridge Label Design

The Cartridge label for the upcoming Elektronite release Boulder Dash is complete. Learn more about this upcoming Intellivision game HERE.

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Pre Order Magic Carousel for Intellivision

Interested in Magic Carousel for Intellivision? 17 Pre Order copies left to reserve.  ORDER HERE


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Defender Of The Crown On Hold for Intellivision

A recent announcement from Elektronite reveals that Defender Of The Crown is cancelled for right now. This long officially licensed Cinemaware game has been in development for quite a few years. Hop…

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A Blast From the Past

Sean Kelly just wanted his Intellivision back. Thirty years later, the area businessman has amassed a collection of about 30,000 video games. He’s opened two stores, called Videogames Then & Now, sp…

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The Sears Overlay Set Poster

For more info and POSSIBLE ordering  go HERE.

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Halo 2600 headed to the Smithsonian

In 2010, Fries, a former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft, released a landmark demake, Halo 2600—a version of Halo, the multibillion-dollar series that has dominated 21st-century g…

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Atari 2600 AIR RAID Auction Sells for 2499.00

The elusive Air Raid game by Menavision has been sold on Ebay for $2,499.00. This is only the cartridge itself. View the action HERE

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Pre Order Moon Patrol for Colecovision

Collectorvision is releasing Moon Patrol for the Colecovision. Check out the Official Pre Order thread HERE.

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