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Imagic Richard Levine Programming Microsurgeon

Richard Levine hard at work on Microsurgeon. Where could that poster be now!

Check out Richard's personal Blog HERE.

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Rocketeer Game Start Sequence

Groovybee has shown the latest clip of Rocketeer, the sequence at the start of the game. Check out the Rocketeer thread HERE.

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Remembering the Atari Age

Occasionally I worry that our collective memory of home video games sees the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System as the true beginning. Talk to people about games like Super Mario Bros., Th…

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Super Pro Sea Battle

Intelligentvision could be bringing Super Pro Sea Battle to you one day, right now it is in the idea/concept stage. A one player version with tweaks would be great for Sea Battle fans!

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Boulder Dash Overlay Design

Elektronite has revealed the latest overlay design for the upcoming Intellivision release Boulder Dash, expected summer 2014.

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Ms Night Stalker coming to Intellivision in 2014

Ms Night Stalker is coming to your Intellivision in 2014 by Intelligentvision! Check out the development as the release gets closer HERE

(box art shown not final logo or final art design)

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VOTE for the best Intellivision Homebrew Game

Vote for your favorite Intellivision game of all time!  The voting takes place in the ATARI AGE FORUMS

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A Compilation of Upcoming Intellivision Homebrews by Groovybee

Groovybee Shows New BEE3 Pcb and Rocketeer Gameplay

Groovybee has shown off his fully operational deathstar game cartridge now called the Bee3. Shown playing in an Intellivision console is the upcoming game Rocketeer presented by Capt. Bacon!  Here a…

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PRINCESS QUEST in Development for Intellivision

Nanochess has announced that he is bringing Princess Quest to the Intellivision in addition to the upcoming Space Raid game. 




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Ms Pac Man will soon grace your favorite console, Intellivision! Sure to be a top contender for Inty Game Of The Year! 

Join the Intelligentvision Newsletter to keep informed and also join the Int…

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9 out of 10 Stormtroopers Prefer Intellivision

IntyBasic Page Updated

The IntyBasic page has a few updates on it. IntyBasic V.07 is out along with the newly added IntyColor! Also added a few games including Blast It by Dave Akers, a Laser Blast clone that is in progre…

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A small supply of Elektronite titles is for sale

Miss out on an Elektronite title?  Atari Age user SOULBUSTER has made a small supply of 5 different titles available. If interested check out the

FOR SALE THREAD. The titles are D2K Arcade, DK Arca…

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Boxed Release of OLD SCHOOL by Elektronite

A full Complete In Box (CIB) version is being released by Elektronite, a cartridge only version was initially available but has since sold out and will not be made available again. The CIB version w…

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Special Intellivision Announcement TODAY May 4 2014

Another surprise announcement for the Intellivision! Expected to be revealed today on May 4th 2014 at 3:00 pm Eastern time/ 12:00 pm Pacific time. Today's announcement is by ATARI AGE forum member S…

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