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IntyBasic Programming Version 8 Now Available

Nanochess has updated the IntyBasic Compiler Programing tool for the Intellivision. Now is the time to start making your game!

The SERIAL NUMBER DATABASE now includes the Intellivision Flashback

Want to contribute your info to the Serial Number Database? The Flashback has now been added as reports of some early sales at Toys R us. 

The submission form is located HERE

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 12 Now Live

Episode 12 of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now live. Check out the Episode HERE!

Intellivision Flashback Leaks Into Stores UNBOXING PHOTOS

This week a few Toys R Us stores from various locations across the U.S sold several of the Flashback units. Spotted and purchased are the Intellivision Flashback, Colecovision Flashback, and Atari Flashback 5. The official release date from AT Games is set for October 1, 2014. Reports of TRU employees pulling these from shelves after customers made their purchase. It is likely that TRU will fix this problem, But a few units have made it into the hands of some very lucky people so far. Happy hu…

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Order Your DK and D2K Arcade MANUAL and OVERLAY KIT

Limited DK Arcade and D2K Arcade Manual and Overlay Kit's are available here. For use if you are playing via emulation of on a Mulitcart. 

MATT CHAT Interview of David Warhol and Mattel Intellivision

The Lost Caves Of Kroz still Available for Pre Order

Elektronite has made available more Pre Orders for its latest release, The Lost Caves Of Kroz. now is your chance to get your reservation for this great new game for your Mattel Intellivision. This new game is expected to ship Summer 2014. Check the ordering details in this OFFICIAL Thread

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BIG BLOCKY THINGS Inspired by Splattr

CATSFOLLY is working on a SPLATTR inspired game concept for Intellivision. Codenamed: Big Blocky Things.

Remembering Playing Intellivision with Father in 1980s

Courtesy of Mark Leslie via 2WarpStonepTune, who lost his father unexpectedly in 2003:

" I thought I’d post this picture of my Dad and I playing Intellivision back in the early 1980’s. I love this picture. We were collaborating on one of the simple initial game offerings on this system: Space Battle. One of us would navigate the cross-hairs over the enemy spaceships and the other would fire. A simple task that certainly didn’t require two people, but the game was so much more fun when…

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The rise and fall of gaming’s third-party exclusives

Since practically the dawn of the video game console, game makers have tried to set their systems apart with games made in-house by first-party studios or from wholly owned second-party subsidiaries. But the idea of large, independent third-party developers releasing games exclusively on one console or the other has risen and fallen in popularity over gaming's short history.

When a few Atari programmers split off to form Activision in 1979, they weren't eager to tie themselves exclusively to …

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Father and Son Playing Intellivision in 1981

Courtesy of 2WarpStoneptune

Intellivision Ultimate PC interface Still Available


Homebrew SPACE RAID Atari 2600 VS Intellivision

Gamester81 reviews both versions of Space Raid, both are programmed by Nanochess, and being released by Collectorvision this year. 

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Legacy Lookback: Nintendo Games On The Intellivision

Apparently the reviewer,Moustached Gamers , have never heard of the Intelligentvision and Elektronite releases of Donkey Kong!

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Vintage Intellivision Baseball Commercial

Gameplay of PRINCESS QUEST for the Intellivision

The newest gameplay of Collectorvision's upcoming release, Princess Quest has been shown. Princess Quest is being programmed by the very talented NANOCHESSwho also made the game Space Raid, being released this summer. Expect Princess Quest to be released sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. 

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Vision-Daptor for the Intellivision

The Vision-daptor is a USB interface for connecting ColecoVision and Intellivision controllers to your PC/Mac. No driver is needed as the Vision-daptor is recognized as a USB HID (Human Interface Device) joystick. Just plug and play. It has switches for selecting ColecoVision or Intellivision.  The Coleco mode also works with Atari 2600 joysticks.


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Intellivision Reproduction Boxes Set 2 NOW AVAILABLE

Are you missing boxes from your collection but do not want to pay the high price? Do you hesitate on paying $500.00+ for a Spiker box? If you answer yes, then reproduction boxes are for you!
These boxes are incredible! The feel of the box is just like the 83' boxes and the print quality is beautiful! These are NOT digitally printed. Each design will have a cartridge retention system.
These boxes feel like the original Mattel boxes!
Intellivision Reproduction Set 2 consist of:
• Dig Dug …

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The Minehunter page by Ryan Kinnen

A look back at Minehunter by Intelligentvision on Pixel Kitchen, the website of Ryan Kinnen. 


New level revealed for upcoming homebrew Princess Quest

Nanochess, has been hard at work on Princess Quest, and it shows, new gameplay has been show and it looks very nice. The official reveal is HERE

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