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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 18 is now LIVE

The Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 18 is now live. Direct link HERE. Enjoy!

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Reissue of Intellivision and Colecovision consoles aim for retro gamers

Back in the 80s, there were a few video game systems on the market that kids around the country wanted to have in their homes. The most popular of those was the Atari and the Nintendo. There were…

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The 125 Club Platinum Member SOULBUSTER Collection Photos

Welcome Soulbuster to The 125 Club Platinum status. Soulbuster has upgraded from Gold to Platinum and has a fantastic collection. Check out his collection HERE

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Intellivision Homebrew HOTEL BUNNY

Download a Digital Rom for a new Intellivision game, Hotel Bunny. Available HERE

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Intellivision STICKMAN Homebrew Game In Development

From the makers of the upcoming Intellivision game GoSub, comes a new game project for the Intellivision. Welcome Stickman! to your Intellivision. The development blog can be found here, keep up t…

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Intellivision Trading Card Series 3 NOW AVAILABLE

Intellivision Trading Card Series 3 is now available for purchase. Visit HERE for details. 

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Copter Command Overlay Revealed

The overlay for Copter Command has been shown. Check out the Atari Age thread for up release details. Also join the OFFICIAL INTELLIVISIONREVOLUTION NEWSLETTER for direct contact on this and many …

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Use IntyBasic to Program your own Intellivision game

Nanochess has released the latest IntyBasic programming revision. Download V1.0 now!

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CHOOSE if Desert Bus could see an Intellivision Release

POLL: Intellivision version of Desert Bus released? VOTE NOW!

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Flapee Bird for Intellivision Shipping in April 2015

Flapee Bird for your Intellivision is scheduled to begin shipping in April 2015. See the official ordering information HERE

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Princess Quest for Intellivision Shipping in April 2015

Princess Quest for your Intellivision is nearing the release. Look for it to begin shipping in April 2015. Official ordering information can be found HERE

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The intellivision Baseball League HAS BEGUN

The 2015 season of the Intellivision Baseball League has begun.  Check out the details HERE

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Morons Play and Destroy and Intellivision

RETRO BUYERS GUIDE Review of Intellivision

RETRO GAME REVIEW Swords and Serpents for Intellivision

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