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Introducing SPYS RISE for the Intellivision

A new soon to be released game called SPYS RISE has been shown. The developer/publisher will soon be revealed as the release nears.

View more info and gameplay in THIS THREAD.

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PIXELS The Official Movie Trailer

I Want My Intellivision

In other news, this video never gets old!

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Flapee Bird Gameplay Video

Flapee Bird is now out for the Intellivision. Join in the current HIGH SCORE FUN for this game.  Not yet purchased your copy of Flapee Bird for Intellivision? Check out the purchase details here.…

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Intellivision Calling the Prison Board

Intellivision Baseball League for 2015

Check out the Intellivision Baseball League for the 2015 season. Join the fun HERE

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The HIVE Intellivision Multicart Title Screen

The title screen for the upcoming Intellivision Multi-Cart has been shown by GroovyBee.  View the development thread HERE

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Play INTYLANDER Game For Intellivision


Download a new free Intellivision game ROM. Intylander is a new take on Lunar Lander programmed by Nanochess. 

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Possible Release IMAGIC Foil Backed Overlay Set

If there is interest in purchasing a full boxed set of silver foil backed overlays set in a new imagic style box, check out the Interest Check thread by Pboland

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KICKSTARTER Intellivision Gen2 Video Games For PC & MAC

The time was 1980 and video games were entering their prime. Atari 2600 was the early leader but soon it would have a new, worthy opponent, the Intellivision.  Intellivision debuted nationally in …

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Ms Pac Man and Super Pro Tennis are Available for Purchase

Intelligentvision has made limited quantites of Ms Pac Man and Super Pro Tennis available. Check out the for sale page HERE

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Intelligentvision Digital ROMS Available

Intelligentvision is making available some of their releases in digital ROM form. Check out the selection HERE

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