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Copter Command is now FOR SALE

Copter Command for the Intellivision is now for sale!  ORDER YOUR COPY HERE.  

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Intellivision Theme Music with Electric Guitars

E3 1995 Convention Highlights

RetroPlay Review of SNAFU

Reservations for HOVER BOVVER on Intellivision

Elektronite is now taking reservations for the upcoming game, Hover Bovver. Expected to release in Winter 2015.   RESERVE YOUR COPY HERE

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The First Console War Atari vs Intellivision

Elektronite shows Defender Of The Crown Manual

Elektronite has shown the near complete manual design for the upcoming release for Intellivision, Defender Of The Crown. 

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Hyperspin Intellivision System Pack

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DEFENDER OF THE CROWN on track for 2016 on Intellivision

Elektronite has revealed that Defender Of The Crown is on schedule for a 2016 release. More details as the release draws near. 

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Students Build Retro Arcade machine

Cape Breton students build retro arcade machine Students at Breton Education Centre in New Waterford built gaming cabinet with guidance from their teacher. 

The old arcades of the 80s and 9…

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The chase is on! Four soulful ghosts are on your tail and you do not want to lose your bow...or your life. Gobble up all the dots but watch out! They slow you down giving the ghost the advantage. …

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ORDER Super Pro Tennis Now

You're at center court, facing your opponent across the net, testing your strategy and your skill! You serve, rally, and go for a passing shot! Computer plays lineman, keeps score, and plays your …

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ORDER Intellivision Trading Cards Series 4

The Intellivision Trading Cards Series 4 is now available for ordering. ORDER HERE.

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Intellivision Commercial Break


A new game is underway by Chris Read, programmer of GoSub, called Secret Government Waffle Project. This is a very early work in progress video. Take a look at the ongoing development thread for u…

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NIGHT STALKER Gen2 for Intellivision

Support the Intellivision Gen2 Kickstarter

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