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Blog posts July 2015

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 19 is Now Live

Episode 19 of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Check it out HERE

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Playing Burgertime in Sweden

Intellivision Trading Cards Series 5 Now Available

Intellivision Trading Cards Series 5 is available to order from Marc O. Head to his order thread to reserve yours

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New Stonix Gameplay Video by Intymike

Pixels Movie Posters

Q Bert Rebooted

A new game App called Q Bert Rebooted is now available. Details here. 

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Copter Command Homebrew Review by IntellivisionDude

RetroPlay Beauty and the Beast Gameplay Review

Princess Quest for Intellivision Still Available

Have not picked up Princess Quest for the Intellivision?   Order your copy here!

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Retro Popeye Game Ad

Flapee Bird still available for Intellivision

Collectorvision still has Flapee Bird available for Intellivision. Get your copy now!

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Intellivision Flashback Overlay Set are SOLD OUT

Intellivision Productions no longer has the Flashback Overlays in stock. Maybe a restock will happen one day?  

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IntyBasic Programming Contest 2015 ENTER YOUR GAME

Familiar with Basic Programming Language?   Why not try your hand at programming a game for the Mattel Intellivision?  Win prizes or get a chance to get your game published!  All the details can b…

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Classic Game Fest Convention 2015 Teaser Video

Classic Game Fest 2015 is July 25-25 in Austin Texas, USA. 

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CGE 2002 Rare Parker Brother Unreleased Game Boxes

A blast from a past CGE convention in 2002 showing unreleased Parker Brothers games. 

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