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GOOD DEAL GAMES Selling Intellivision Homebrews

Good Deal Games is now carrying even more Intellivision games, among other systems. Head over to check out the selection

Intellivision Commercial Break

Europeon Intellivision Game Haul Video

Intellivision and Atari HAUL video

PGRE 2011 Convention Highlights

2015 RETRO GAMING CONVENTION - PRGE Portland Retro Gaming Expo - Portland Or

The PORTLAND RETRO GAMING EXPO is approaching fast. October 17, 18 2015. Official site here

2015 RETRO GAMING CONVENTION - Retro World Expo - New England

Retro World Expo official site and show times

2015 Intellivision Programming Contest SPACE VERUS

The 2015 Intellivision Programming Contest has a new entry:  Space Versus. Download the ROM file in the official entry thread on Atari Age. 

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Rare Brochure Featuring Intellivision III Discovered

A very rare brochure was recently discovered that features the Intellivision III and a handful of games. Look HERE for more photos

Sydney Hunter for iOs and Android download FREE

Collectorvision has made Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril available to download for FREE on the iOs and Android systems. More details can be found here

Artwork for Mouse Trap CBS Homebrew Game

Artwork files for the 2014 release of Mouse Trap CBS.   Check them out here

AZ Game On Expo Intellivision

The 2015 Intelligentvision Catalog

Coming soon is the 2015 Intelligentvision Catalog!  More details can be seen HERE

Vintage Intellivision Store Picture

Intv Programming Contest 4 Months Remaining

Still deciding if you should enter the 2015 Intellivision Programming question? Still 4 month left until it comes to a close. With 6 entries and more yet to be revealed, it should be an exciting finish! Check out the 6 entered games so far here. 

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