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Retrogamer Episode 29 Intellivision playthrough of Pitfall and Pac Man

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Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe coming in 2016

Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe by Collectorvision is tentativley scheduled to release in 2016. More details in the official announcement. 

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Popeye graphics hack with downloadable ROM

Popeye for the Intellivision has had a small graphics hack. Download the ROM here

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Pellets And Ghosts coming to Intellivision

A  new game is in development for the Intellivision. Download the ROM from the official thread by the programmer 5-11Under. 

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A new member to THE 125 CLUB - Lorenzogino69

Lorenzogino69, has become a member of THE 125 CLUB, view details of his great collection here!

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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 25 Now LIVE

The 25th episode of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. 

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1983 Intellivision News scans on

Check out the Newsletter section on for tons of scans of vintage newsletters. 

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Sears still has Intellivision Controller parts in stock

Sears Parts Direct online store is still carrying a few odds and ends for the 36 year old Intellivision console. News courtesy of BIKEGUYCHICAGO.

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Intellivision Revolution Shirts

Get your new Intellivision shirt!   

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Purchase set of Intellivision Coleco Unreleased Prototype Boxes

You can get a set of 11 Coleco Unreleased Prototype Boxes for the Intellivision. These boxes are empty and for display only. The official announcement thread is located on Atari Age. In addition y…

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