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CGR review of Intellivision Atlantis

CGR review of Intellivision Pitfall

1979 Intellivision infomercial

How George Plimptons Sports Books Presaged the First-Person Media Age

The late author’s seven books of participatory journalism, recently reissued, put the writer in the middle of the frame, auguring much to come.

A framed menu from Toots…

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Deadly Dogs box mock up

A box has been mocked up for the alternate version of Tron Deadly Discs. Deadly Dogs!   Which features the baddies from Burgertime. Direct download here

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Order your copy of SUPER MINE-FIELD by Collectorvision NOW

Collectorvision is releasing Super Mine-Field for the Mattel Intellivision. Orders may be placed now HERE. This comes with box, game cartridge, manual, and 2 overlays. The object of the game is to…

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Ultimate Pong box art

Ultimate Pong is coming this summer to your Intellivision. Featuring over 15 different modes of play, 1 to 4 players, total customization of color schemes, 3 levels of difficulty. Stay tuned for m…

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Qbert Commercial Break

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 26 Now LIVE

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 26 is now available for your viewi......listening pleasure!  Check out the show here

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The Intellivision Model Number Database

A database has been compiled for Intellivision model numbers. This will include model numbers for games, consoles, and accessories.  View the database here

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Opcode Games to begin publishing Intellivision games in 2017

OPCODE GAMES has announced new Intellivision games for 2017. In conjunction with the Intellivision Super Game Module.  The first SGM enhanced game will be a port of the hugely popular shooter Grad…

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Opcode Games to release SUPER GAME MODULE for Intellivision in 2017

OPCODE GAMES, a popular homebrew publisher of mainly Colecovision games is bringing a Super Game Module device to the Intellivision. This device, when connected to the Intellivision, will expand t…

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Intellivision Revolution STORE

The INTELLIVISION REVOLUTION STORE is now open. Check back often for new items added. 

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Prizes for the Official 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition

The Official 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition came to a close March 1st. Many thanks to the participants!  The top scoring players have won the Copter Command Limited Edition box set, …

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Mystic Castle ROM now available from Intelligentvision

Mystic Castle was a prototype game that was later released as Thunder Castle. The game play to Thunder Castle is slow and takes away from the fun of the game. This UPDATED release fixes the game p…

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NOW AVAILABLE Colecovision Adam Keyboard PC Interface for the PC/MAC/Raspberry

Rekindle the love you had for your Adam keyboard without the need for the printer or console by using the Adam Keyboard PC Interface! 

In 1983, I purchased a Coleco Adam Computer and fell in l…

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