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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 27 Now LIVE

Intellivisionaries Episode 27 in now live for your listening pleasure. Parental discretion is advis.....mandatory.

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Arcade games saved from abandoned ship

Read the whole story HERE

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The Ultimate Pong overlay

Ultimate Pong is coming to your Intellivision summer 2016.

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Ms Pac Man Digital ROM now available for FREE

You may now download the Ms Pac Man digital ROM and source code for free on the programmers website.  The website is IMPOSSIBLE THINGS. Ms Pac Man was programmed by Carl Mueller Jr and released b…

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Explore the Intellivision Library at

Visit the Intellivision Library over at for a ton of great info and pics and more!

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Console Wars POLE POSITION Atari 2600 vs Intellivision

Fan Made TRON DESTINY Trailer

CGR review of Copter Command

Intellivision Store Kiosk

Intelligentvision ROMs still available

Intelligentvision has multiple Intellivision ROMs for purchase. For use in emulation on your CC3, PC, or Rasberry Pi. Check them out HERE.  In addition, there is a ROM section with many games avai…

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D2K Arcade Special Edition now AVAILABLE

D2K Arcade Special Edition is now available to purchase. Get your copy HERE


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The Spider Man that almost made it to Intellivision

A History of Star Wars Video Games

Not so long ago in a living room that probably had shag carpeting, tacky wallpaper and parents with leg warmers and neon running pants, the marriage between Star Wars and video games was born. It …

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Mattel Intellivision Programmers Home Movie from 1984

Coming Summer 2016 Ultimate Pong

Stay Tuned for more details. 

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Lets Compare Super Cobra

World of Nintendo 8 Bit Toys

D2K Arcade for Intellivision gameplay video

Also available is the D2K Arcade Special Edition. Order HERE

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Intellivision vs Atari 2600 Ultimate Comparison Video

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