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Blog posts January 2017

ArcadeUSA reviews the LTO Flash for Intellivision

INTV EXTRAS has Intellivision catalogs in stock

If you are still in need of the Intelligentvision or Intellivision Revolution catalogs, visit INTV EXTRAS to make your purchase.

Miner 2049er coming to the Intellivision from Elektronite

Elektronite has revealed new game coming to the Intellivision, Miner 2049er. More details as the release gets closer.

Jr Pac Man on track for early 2017 release

Jr Pac Man for the Mattel Intellivision is making good progress. Visit the official info page for more details.

Elektronite catalog is coming soon

Elektronite has announced via their Facebook page that a new catalog will be coming in 2017.

Download the FREE Missile Domination digital ROM for Intellivision

Download the free digital ROM for use in emulation and various flash carts. Full details available here.

Intellivision system review


The Minstrel's Legend is in the works by new Intellivision publisher INTV PRIME. Full details are available on the official site.

Review of WHITE WATER by Imagic

Intellivision Pitfall PERFECT SCORE

Gameplay video of Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes

Download the FREE Space Patrol digital ROM for Intellivision

Left Turn Only has made available the free download for the game Space Patrol. Download directly on the official website.

Imagic Overlays 2.0 set nearly SOLD OUT

Pboland's latest Intellivision overlays set, Overlays 2.0, a set of chrome-backed Imagic overlays  is nearing a total sell-out. Now is the time to order your set. Once sold out, they will not be reissued!   ORDER HERE.

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OH MUMMY for the Mattel Intellivision free digital ROM download

Download the digital ROM for a new game, Oh Mummy! for the Intellivision. Courteous of Nanochess.

Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes NOW SHIPPED

Collectorvision Games is now shipping the latest Sydney Hunter game. If you have not yet ordered, Contact them via their official WEBSITE. Also take a look at the official announcement thread on Atari Age.

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New Intellivision website INTV PRIME

A new Intellivision website and future homebrew publisher is now live!   Visit INTV PRIME and see for yourself.

IntyBasic Showcase Volume 1 CONTEST

Win some cool prizes and a free copy of the game. Check out the contest HERE!

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 30 now LIVE

Intellivisionaries has uploaded the latest podcast, episode 30. Grab a cold one, chill out, and give it a listen.  Go here!  Then provide some feedback on the Atari Age forums.

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Micro versions of classic consoles

Dave Nunez of Rabbit Engineering has created a series of more than 60 miniature devices based on classic computers and game consoles, each of which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They’re not perfectly to scale, but they each capture the spirit and style of the system on which it’s based. Choose from classics like the original Apple Macintosh, the Commodore 64, TRS-80, Atari 800, and even the IMSAI 8080 from the movie Wargames for hardcore computer nerds. There are also …

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Tutorial for cleaning Intellivision consoles

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