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Blog posts February 2017

Hotel Bunny now available on Intellivision

Hotel Bunny is available for purchase on Intellivision. For the free ROM download go here.

To purchase the cartridge only version visit the official IntellivisionRevolution Store.

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The Elektronite 2017 Catalog is now available to purchase

Elektronite and Mthompson have teamed up to produce a 2017 catalog. It is ready to purchase now!

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VOTE NOW The 2016 Intellivision Game OF The Year

The annual Intellivision Game Of The Year poll is still underway. Cast your vote for your most favorite new Intellivision release of 2017. VOTE NOW.

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HOTEL BUNNY releasing on the Intellivision

Hotel Bunny will release on the Intellivision in the near future. You may choose between cartridge or full boxed versions. Read about this game HERE.

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RCA Studio II games now on the Mattel Intellivision

Download the ROMS for the RCA Studio II and play on your Intellivision via: Emulation, Cuttle Cart 3, or LTO Flash. This project was completed by Atari Age user Decle. For full information and dow…

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Order your Intellivision III Wall Poster

Atari Age user Pboland has a repro wall poster available for sale. Full details are HERE.

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