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When Video Game Consoles Wanted (and Failed) to Be Computers

A lot of early video game consoles secretly wanted to be home computers, too. Their makers either sold keyboard add-ons or failed miserably in the process.

Of all the reasons for the video game…

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The Lost Caves Of Kroz available from Elektronite

The Lost Caves Of Kroz by publisher Elektronite is available for sale for on the Naberhood Games website.

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Download the FREE Flapee Bird digital ROM for Intellivision

CollectorVision has made the Flapee Bird digital ROM available for free. Play this fun little game on your Mattel Intellivision. Download the ROM here.

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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 31 now LIVE

Episode 31 of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

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BCs Quest For Tires still available from CollectorVision

Did you miss BCs Quest For Tires on the Intellivision?    CollectorVision still has some copies available for purchase on the official site.

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CollectorVision releasing Standard Edition of Sydney Hunter

The Standard Edition of Sydney Hunter is still available to pre-order on the official CollectorVision website. Shipping is expected in June/July 2017. Order your copy now!

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