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Frankensteins Monster CARTRIDGE ONLY available

2600Connection is making a small amount of Frankenstein's Monster available in cartridge/manual only form, at a special low price for those wanting a cheaper option.

Full details are here.


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RetroGameCon 2022 and Mattel Intellivision booth NY Oct 8 9

RetroGameCon 2022 is coming to NY on October 8 & 9 2022.  Midnight Blue International will be hosting a booth there with Intellivision goodies. And also be selling some IntellivisionRevolution ga…

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New Intellivision cartridge shells available

Two new cartridge shells are now available to purchase at Intellivision Collector.  View the exact details here and info where to purchase. 

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New games in the IntellivisionRevolution STORE

Head over to the IntellivisionRevolution STORE for a selection of new games for sale. Bank Panic, Keystone Kopps, Castle of Death, and older titles as well. 


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Intellivision accessories 1983 commercial

Papa Pete Intellivision game night

Fast Food for Intellivision

Intellivision Onion games

50 Mattel Intellivision games in 5 minutes

Evercade Collection 2 REVIEW

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