BC's QUEST FOR TIRES in Development for Intellivision

Collectorvision has begun the initial development for a new Intellivision game, BC's Quest for Tires. More information as it becomes available.  Not familiar with this game? It has graced the Colecovision and numerous Pc platforms in the 80's.  


The player takes the role of the caveman Thor, who has to rescue his girlfriend, the "Cute Chick", who has been kidnapped by a dinosaur. To do this, he must travel on his stone unicycle through several levels. Each level has Thor moving from the left to the right, avoiding various dangers.


B.C.'s Quest for Tires is an action game taking place on several consecutive levels. The levels start out simple, with Thor having to jump over potholes or duck under tree branches. Later levels become more complex, for example requiring Thor to jump over turtles in a lake or to be carried over a lava pit by a "Dooky Bird". Other B.C. characters, such as the Fat Broad, also appear on some levels.


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