Boulderdash for Intellivision NOW AVAILABLE

Boulder Dash is now available for purchase by Elektronite and First Star via the NABERHOOD GAMES store. 

  • Rockford™ 'digs' diamonds! He can't get enough of them and needs YOUR help to guide him. But don't dawdle, or Rockford will become impatient!
  • Guide Rockford through 16 scrolling caves and 4 bonus caves in the original classic, multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash® created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray.
  • Boulder Dash - Volume 1 includes 16 caves, 4 bonus levels and 5 difficulty settings!
  • Avoid deadly fireflies, butterflies and falling boulders in a race against time to clear a path, collect valuable diamonds, open and find the exit! But be careful not to let Rockford become trapped!
  • Surround the growing amoeba, use magic walls or drop boulders on butterflies to create even more diamonds!

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