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D2K Arcade Box Art Design Concepts

The recent release of Elektronite's D2K Arcade did not always look so good, it went through some designs that were not up to par. The design was to favor the  mock up box of Defender Of The Crown, but it did not go so well. Here is the story straight from Elektronite's William Moeller:

I got the idea from an Elektronite box mock up of Defender of the Crown. I loved the 'Elektronite wave' and wanted to do that, but I had no idea how to get it into Adobe Illustrator.

I had early versions of the Elektronite logo, but it needed to be modified. There were no high quality examples of the Elektronite logo. So, I was told by a friend, that he had a friend who was a graphic designer, and looking for work for his portfolio. I contacted him, and he informed me that he already HAD a portfolio, and that he would do the job as long as there was some money in it.....I described what I wanted, and sent him my box template (I got from Oliver P.)........after the first try, I was frankly horrified. I thought that I had somehow totally been misunderstood......he went back for a 2nd try.......and then 3rd.....check them out......It didn't get much better....after his 6th try, I fired him.  I should have realized he was BSing me that he was a graphic artist......eventually, I modified the Elektronite logo into a high quality vector based graphic.....he couldn't do it, and I know nothing.....Just thought you might want to see how 'great' the box could have been.

You can check out 2 early box designs here:

D2K Box 2

D2K box 3

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