Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Intelligentvision releasing SUPER PRO BASEBALL in 2016

Intelligentvision is back!  Super Pro Baseball will release in 2016. Info from Intelligentvision: This takes Baseball to the next level! The Championship level gave you features you so wanted such as one player and reaching first base quicker. Super Pro Baseball delivers everything else you wanted! 

Super Pro Baseball will be a available in CIRCUIT BOARD and DIGITAL ROM forms. It will not come in 'complete in box' form as previous releases. See the full announcement direct from Intvdave HERE.

For one or two player 

Visually, a cleaner screen displaying statistics when you want to see them 

The computer makes you work for the outs 

Faster pitching! 

More variation in pitch speeds 

Updated messages so you know how many balls, strikes, and outs there are without cluttering the screen 

You need to really hit the ball if you want a homerun. There are no more gimmes. 

Smarter computer playing 

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