Intellivision Keyboard Component For Auction At Portland Retro Gaming Expo

You could have a chance to own one of the most rare and valuable Intellivision items, the Keyboard Component, at an AUCTION at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. The convention will be Sept. 29th and 30th at the Oregon Convention center. This Keyboard Component was originally owned my 'Papa Intellivision' and is one of 3 that the family owns. Here is more information about the auction:

PRGE was recently contacted by the family of the late David P. Chandler who wanted to share his work on the original Mattel Electronics Intellivision team with our attendees. Mr. Chandler worked on the Intellivision keyboard component pilot program and retained some equipment and materials from his time with Mattel. You can learn more on the website created by his son-in-law to honor Mr. Chandler,


We are excited to announce that Mr Chandler's heirs have decided to auction off one of his original Keyboard Components at the PRGE auction.

Probably the rarest Intellivision peripheral. Turns a first-generation Intellivision into a home computer. Was test marketed on a limited basis then the program was scrapped. Mattel bought back most from consumers so fewer than 25 are known to exist.

This particular Keyboard Component has a unique provenance as it belonged to Mr Chandler and is in excellent condition. The auction includes:

  • The Intellivision Keyboard Component
  • The Keboard Component User's Manual
  • The original video cable extender (very rare piece that extended the Intellivision console's video jack through the back of the Keyboard Component)
  • A notarized letter of provenance from Mr. Chandler's daughter

The unit powers on and displays on the screen. The tape drive has not been tested. The unit is sold as-is with no warranty of operability.

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