Introducing the Ultimate PC Interface For Intellivision

From comes the Ultimate PC Interface for the Intellivision. This new Product should release this year. Visit for ordering details.

The only way to play Intellivision games is with the unique controller. This is easly obtained by playing Intellivision games on the real hardware. The second option would be in emulation on the PC but the PC keyboard has no way to reproduce the 16 direction disc or the feel of the controller.

Enter the Ultimate PC Interface for the Intellivision. It allows you to connect two (2) Intellivision controllers and the PC through a USB connector.


What makes this the Ultimate PC Interface for the Intellivision? It also supports the ECS keyboard! Play the ECS games as they were meant to be played. Learn to type 80's style with Flintstones Keyboard Fun. What other way is there to type a Basic program other than with the ECS keyboard.


Do not stop there. The Music Synthesizer is also supported! There is no other way to enjoy Melody Blaster than with the Music Sythesizer.... and now on your PC. Ultimate PC Interface for the Intellivision is the only interface that supports both ECS interfaces!



The Ultimate Interface has been tested with the jzIntv Intellivision emulator and is fully supported (see below). Emulators such as Nostalgia, that support joysticks, will support the controllers but not the Music Synthesizer.

Supports 2 controllers simultaneously with the DB9 connectors. Use the original controllers (with dongle), the Intellivision 2 controllers, or the Sears Arcade controllers

Includes a dongle for connecting the original controllers without modifying the cord (see photo below)

Supports all 16 directions of the DISC

Supports the ECS keyboard. It works natively in the operating system. Use in your word processor!

Supports the Music Synthesizer. Currently only supported by the jzIntv emulator

USB 2.0 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1

Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux - any O/S that natively supports USB HID devices

Data transmitted 1000 times a second for minimal delay

Firmware is upgradable (Windows O/S required)

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