LTO's Christmas Carol Box Revealed

Left Turn Only has revealed Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents. It is currently available onlt at the CGE 2K12 convention, soon to be made available to all. The official website was also revealed by the games creator DZ Jay. Take a look at the official site for more game details and upcoming purchasing information.


The game has 8 stages and a bonus level! See the official website for screen shots!

The Frozen Ice-Cube Caverns


Stage #1: Haunted Hollow

Tried and true. The maze that started it all! Guide Carol through the Frozen Ice-Cube cavern and pick up all the presents while avoiding the Evil Snowman.

Stage #2: Frosted Maze

Uh-oh! Those long corridors provide plenty of space for an Evil Snowman to stretch his legs in!

Stage #3: Candy Cove

You want that "Perfect Level" bonus? You must pick up all that candy!

Stage #4: Icicle Lane

Keep an eye on that Ghost when you go into those nooks, he's a tricky one!

Stage #5: Snowflake Garden

You must run from snowflake to snowflake as quickly as you can to keep your enemies at bay.

Stage #6: Freezer Burn

High speed hi-jinks! Think fast! Better make prudent use of those magical snowflakes if you want to stay alive!

Stage #7: Krystal Keep

Where to hide? Open spaces can be challenging when an Evil Snowman is on your tail...

Stage #8: Twisted Toyland

What new dangers will Carol encounter as she enters the final cave of her quest? You'll have to explore all previous ones in order to find out!

Also available...

The Practice Menu allows you to hone your skills on any of the first 7 stages, at various difficulty levels.

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