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Hover Bovver HALF CUT Edition Available For Pre Order Now

Ever since the president of Elektronite was involved in creating the world's first Intellivision emulator, he has been trying to get Hover Bovver made for the platform.

Back in the late 90s, before Intellivision Productions released Intellivision Lives!, Jeff Minter was sent the emulator and development kit. He spent one weekend, knocking the game together on the Intellivision, but quickly abandoned it. This picture is all that remains of that effort.


It was dissapointing that Jeff Minter did not complete the game, but eventually he  gave permission to Elektronite to develop the game for the platform. 

When Elektronite started development of Hover Bovver, they wanted it to be extra special. They hired a top notch artist to develop the art, and wanted there to be Intellivoice support with British voice actors, and a high score save right on the cartridge! They wanted to hire an experienced programmer who could deliver the high quality Intellivoice support and high quality game play that they demanded. To encourage the programmer, Elektronite offered an unprecedented $6000 US to the programmer as an incentive.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. 

It was with great sadness that Hover Bovver had to be cancelled due to very nasty and public fighting with the developer over terms of the contract, and quality concerns.

Despite the good intentions of many to try and intervene, a compromise could not be reached. The empty boxes and overlays are currently being sold. 

That version of the game is cancelled, and it is time to move on. Despite what the developer of the game may think, Elektronite still has the permission of Llamasoft to write Hover Bovver for the Intellivision. Any distribution by the original developer of the game is infringement of the rights of Classic Game Publishers, Inc. the exclusive manufacturer of Elektronite games.  

That being said, Elektronite has decided that is NOT going to give up that easily. In association with Classic Game Publishers, Inc., the game is going to be re-developed!

A programmer has been hired.

Due to the considerable resources put into the original effort, (a large amount being lost) CGPI will be doing our own sort of 'crowd funding'. A big difference, however, is going to be that you ACTUALLY get something for your 'pre-order'. Of course, we are not asking you to 'pre-order' as much as we are asking you to 'pre-pay'. 

Announcing the official release of 
Hover Bovver
Half Cut Edition

What is the 'Half Cut' edition you may ask? ......The Hover Bovver - Half Cut Edition is a cartridge in an LTO shell, with the planned official Hover Bovver Cartridge sticker. 

It includes:

  • The 'Milestone' '2 working levels' of the original (now cancelled) game


  • The LTO/Elektronite Hover Bovver Voice Test rom, that works with an Intellivoice and features a voice actor with a British accent!

  (An example of the high quality voices that will be in the re-developed game)

  • The Match 5 Demo.

These three roms will be placed in a menu, as soon as possible, and shipped as soon as available for the cost of $40 US and 

At $40 US this is a tremendous value! But wait! There's MORE!

When you purchase 'Hover Bovver - Half Cut Edition', you not only will be supporting development of Hover Bovver to the high standard that this game deserves, but when the game is complete you will be able to return your Hover Bovver - Half Cut Edition circuit board and get the FULL GAME, returned to you on the circuit board FREE OF CHARGE!

That's right! By buying the 'Half Cut' edition, you will receive the 'Full Cut' version when you return the 'Half Cut' printed circuit board.

If you wish to order more than TWO copies of 'Hover Bovver - Half Cut Edition' or wish to use PayPal, please email us at: 
(An extra charge will be levied for PayPal purchases.)

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