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Spiker Super Pro Volleyball Sells for $1,525

A near record sale price for Spiker Super Pro Volleyball for the Mattel Intellivision console. Other recent Spiker's have sold in the range of $1,000 to a record price of $1,800. Check out the actua…

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D2K Arcade Prototype Items For Sale

This is your chance to own one of a kind D2K Arcade Development prototype items used in the creation of the great game by Elektronite. Visit the Ebay auction and take a look for yourself.

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D2K Arcade Available On Ebay - Paypal Now Accepted!

D2K Arcade is available on Ebay right now. They are accepting Paypal if that is your desired form of payment, check this game out if you have not! It is easily one of the best games available for the …

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Sealed Intellivision Tutankham sells for $1,136

Tutamkham for the Mattel Intellivision recently crossed the $1,000 mark, $1,136 to be exact, only a few Intellivision game titles have ever sold this high. Spiker being one of them of course. This was…

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Spiker Super Pro Volleyball on the Auction Block Again

It has been a while since a boxed Spiker Super Pro Volleyball game has been up for auction. As of this writing  the bidding is around $500.00. Previous auctions for Spiker have been between $1,100 and…

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Coleco Posters Of Unreleased Intellivision Games Up for Auction

Up for Auction this week on Ebay are multiple rare Coleco Poster Ads for released and unreleased games for the Mattel Intellivision System. These rarely if ever come up for auction. The game titles in…

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Boxed and complete Spiker Super pro Volleyball up for auction on Ebay

Currently up for auction on Ebay are two boxed complete Spiker Super Pro Volleyball games. One is from Ebay seller Utahmountainrose, this auction has no Reserve or Buy It Now and had a very low starti…

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