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Groovybee's New Intellivision Flash Multicart is Progressing

Atari Age user Groovybee is making progress on his new Intellivision flash based multicart. Alot has been done, but it still has a little way to go, hopefully a release in 2013!  While no Mattel or any other 3rd party game ROM's will come pre loaded, it is scheduled to have some game content from Groovybee himself. More details as they become available.

Technical stats:

  • FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 compatible.
  • Long filenames supported (VFAT).
  • Files are displayed in white, folders are in yellow.
  • 8K, 16K and 32K *.rom files supported so far.
  • 8K/16K *.bin files (with built in simple database lookup) supported so far.
  • The "TestRoms" folder contains 150 8.3 filenames.
  • The number in the top right of the video is the "busy indicator".

Remaining work:

  • Fix the need to manually reset the Inty after loading a ROM.
  • Analyse as many ROM files as possible and fill out the *.bin database for all 125 legacy games (and the protos).
  • Files larger than the available RAM will be played from the cart microcontroller's flash memory instead.
  • Add support for *.bin+*.cfg and *.int game ROMs.
  • Improve CC3/Intellicart compatibility.
  • Add ECS RAM compatibility.
  • Save/load configuration options to/from on board I2C memory.
  • Support USB hard drive class (so the whole cart acts like a thumb drive).
  • In field upgradeable BIOS.
  • Beautify the file/folder explorer.

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