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New Intellivision Game ROCKETEER Announced PRE ORDER NOW

Pre Orders are being taken for the newly announced Intellivision homebrew game Rocketeer. Head on over to the Atari Age Forums to see the announcement from GROOVYBEE and express your interest in getting this game, not a member? Now is the time to join the AA Forums!


Rocketeer is a Cartridge only release at this time and will be set at 40.00. A box and manual and overlays could possibly come at a later date.

The objective of the game is to collect the 5 pieces of your rocket and assemble it while dealing with the aliens on the planet you crashed on. Luckily you have your trusty laser cannon to blow them away with. After the rocket is complete and ready for flight you need to collect several fuel pods before you can complete your mission and leave the planet. Bonus items will fall down the screen randomly and can be collected for extra points. Every 4 levels you'll get a new rocket to build. There will be 4 or 5 different rockets, up to 16-20 levels in total.

Free shipping to Europe the USA and Canada is included. If you want it shipped in a protective box or with tracking (or both) then you'll haveto PM Groovybee for pricing. The pre-order will be open for 3 or 4 weeks (end of March 2013) and then cart shipping will hopefully start in mid April.



The game is still in production and has the following list of stuff to be completed.

- A better title page.
- Attract sequence (title/high scores/credits).
- Add more frames of player animation.
- Add player/baddie collision detect and get the player lives/death system working.
- Add falling bonus items and fuel pods and their collection.
- Add rocket take off and landing animation.
- Add more baddies with different attack/movement patterns.
- Add more rockets.
- Get the score and high score system working.
- Add sound effects and title page music.
- Add difficulty levels - still thinking about that one e.g. laser overheating.
- Randomise the placement of rocket parts.
- Fix a few bugs.

Optional :-
- 5 name and their high scores display (depends on the free RAM space at the end of the project).
- Speech (needs more research and depends on ROM space).
- Intermission screens before each new rocket.
- Add a more interesting planet surface (depends on free GRAM cards during play).
- Add a few small stars in the background (depends on free RAM space).


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