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New Intellivision Homebrew announced KILLBOTZ

A new game called Killbotz! has just been revealed by Groovybee, this game has similar gameplay and style as such games as Robotron or Berzerk. Pre-orders will begin sometime in May or June 2013.

It is still being deciding if its going to be map based so the rooms are the same every time or pseudo random rooms that are different every time you play. The room generation style will affect what traps and pitfalls are in the game.


The objective of the game is simple.... Kill Botz! Some features being implemented are:
- More moving Botz on screen.
- Different Botz styles.
- Hapless scientists (aren't they always) that need rescuing.
- Big bad security bot.
- Doors that need to be opened.
- Speech (mandatory for a Botz game on Inty).
- Other obstacles e.g. laser walls, proximity weapons and so on.

Nonner242 is on board for graphics again. The player avatar is the Inty running man but he is just a place holder for now.

At the moment nobody fires and the Botz just home in on you.

More will be announced soon.

There are no plans for a box, overlays or manual at this time.

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