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Antarctic Tales for the Mattel Intellivision now available

Antarctic Tales now available for purchase in the IntellivisionRevolution store

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Fantasy arcade game for Mattel Intellivision

The Black Candle for Mattel Intellivision

Ninja Odyssey by Elektronite

Rick Dangerous for Intellivision coming in 2020

TNT Cowboy by Elektronite

IntyBasic Showcase Vol. 3 now available in the Store

The final game in the Showcase trilogy is now available in the IntellivisionRevolution STORE. This game has 3 games: Las Vegas Slots, Billy the Ball, and Midspace. CHECK OUT THE STORE HERE. 

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Tron Legacy for the Intellivision

Intellivision Shadow of the Beast

New Intellivision game Onion Project

New Intellivision game 38

Quovadis on Intellivision

Intellivision XOR by Decle

Aardvark coming to Intellivision

TNT Cowboy digital game ROM now available from Elektronite

TNT Cowboy is now available in digital ROM form for use on your LTO Flash. Contact Elektronite for full purchasing details and news on other games.

Available at:  More d…

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The Minstrels Legend music

Billy The Ball for Intellivision

Download the work in progress HERE.


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Elektronite releases Ninja Odyssey for Intellivision

Ninja Odyssey is available by Elektronite and Kai Magazine. Full purchase details can be viewed here.

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MegaMan 2 for Intellivision WORK IN PROGRESS

Pumpkin Master available for the Mattel Intellivision by 2600Connection

2600Connection has released Pumpkin Master for Intellivision. Programmed by Oscar Toleco. Visit 2600 Connection for details.

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