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Ordering D1K Arcade ROM Details

The ROM (Digital Version) of D1K Arcade is now ready for distribution. The ROM is $15.00 but a discount may be offered if have purchase a physical copy in the post, inquire and make payments to PayPal to the following address:

The ROM will be sent to you in both BIN + CFG and in ROM format, suitable for playing in most emulators and also on the Intellicart or Cuttle Cart 3.

Note that each ROM is personalized and contains your name and serial number (assigned in the order of purchase). The second page of credits will list your name and serial number.

Please include a note with your payment indicating the name you want to see on the credits screen above the serial number. This can be a handle or nickname, no more than 18 characters in length. Specify the exact capitalization you would like to use. If you don't send this information, It will be assumed that you want to use the name associated with your PayPal account – names longer than 18 characters will be truncated.

Binaries will be delivered to the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account.

(It should not have to mentioned that since the ROM contains your personal information, it would be unwise to distribute it.)

Having D1K in ROM format allows you to play it exactly the way you want, where you want it!

Additional information: the $15.00 price also includes a PDF of the instruction sheet and D1K overlays. Physical copies of the instruction sheet and overlays are not yet available, although they should be available in the future. A D1K Arcade box will be made available for purchase in the future for those who have purchased the cartridge version.

Some additional changes may incur additional programming fees, please inquire before making ANY payments.

Examples of some character changes available

  • Fully describe what you would like your character to be able to do.
  • Change character color scheme
  • How character walks
  • How character jumps
  • Change climbing speed
  • Change character hammer abilities while climbing
  • Change how character uses hammer while jumping
  • How far your character can fall before it counts as a lost life
  • New character?









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