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Order your copy of SUPER MINE-FIELD by Collectorvision NOW

Collectorvision is releasing Super Mine-Field for the Mattel Intellivision. Orders may be placed now HERE. This comes with box, game cartridge, manual, and 2 overlays. The object of the game is to…

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NOW AVAILABLE Colecovision Adam Keyboard PC Interface for the PC/MAC/Raspberry

Rekindle the love you had for your Adam keyboard without the need for the printer or console by using the Adam Keyboard PC Interface! 

In 1983, I purchased a Coleco Adam Computer and fell in l…

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Intellivision Revolution Shirts

Get your new Intellivision shirt!   

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Purchase set of Intellivision Coleco Unreleased Prototype Boxes

You can get a set of 11 Coleco Unreleased Prototype Boxes for the Intellivision. These boxes are empty and for display only. The official announcement thread is located on Atari Age. In addition y…

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Order the DIGITAL ROM for Space Raid

The digital ROM for Intellivision game SPACE RAID is now available for purchase. Proceed to the official download page for full details and price. Visit the official ordering page for any inquiry …

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PRE ORDER Super Ninja Controller

Pre order the Super Ninja Controller. Details HERE

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Classic Game Room reviews BRICKOUT

Order Brickout HERE.

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Donkey Kong and Ms Pac Man Digital ROM on sale until end of the year

Carl Mueller Jr, the programmer of Ms Pac Man and D2K Arcade for the Intellivision is having a sale of the DIGITAL ROM for these games for use in emulation. Check out the sale of 10.00 each until …

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ON SALE SOON The 2015 Intelligentvision Catalog

The 2015 Intelligentvision Catalog will be for sale very soon. The initial batch is ready to go!  

Visit the ATARI AGE FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD for details on how to purchase and be notified.…

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GOOD DEAL GAMES Selling Intellivision Homebrews

Good Deal Games is now carrying even more Intellivision games, among other systems. Head over to check out the selection

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Brickout Now Available

Brickout is now available. Purchase here

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Intellivision Trading Cards Series 5 Now Available

Intellivision Trading Cards Series 5 is available to order from Marc O. Head to his order thread to reserve yours

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Princess Quest for Intellivision Still Available

Have not picked up Princess Quest for the Intellivision?   Order your copy here!

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Flapee Bird still available for Intellivision

Collectorvision still has Flapee Bird available for Intellivision. Get your copy now!

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Intellivision Flashback Overlay Set are SOLD OUT

Intellivision Productions no longer has the Flashback Overlays in stock. Maybe a restock will happen one day?  

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The chase is on! Four soulful ghosts are on your tail and you do not want to lose your bow...or your life. Gobble up all the dots but watch out! They slow you down giving the ghost the advantage. …

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ORDER Super Pro Tennis Now

You're at center court, facing your opponent across the net, testing your strategy and your skill! You serve, rally, and go for a passing shot! Computer plays lineman, keeps score, and plays your …

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ORDER Intellivision Trading Cards Series 4

The Intellivision Trading Cards Series 4 is now available for ordering. ORDER HERE.

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Possible Release IMAGIC Foil Backed Overlay Set

If there is interest in purchasing a full boxed set of silver foil backed overlays set in a new imagic style box, check out the Interest Check thread by Pboland

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