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Intelligentvision Digital ROMS Available

Intelligentvision is making available some of their releases in digital ROM form. Check out the selection HERE

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Intellivision Trading Card Series 3 NOW AVAILABLE

Intellivision Trading Card Series 3 is now available for purchase. Visit HERE for details. 

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Boulderdash for Intellivision NOW AVAILABLE

Boulder Dash is now available for purchase by Elektronite and First Star via the NABERHOOD GAMES store. 

  • Rockford™ 'digs' diamonds! He can't get enough of them and needs YOUR help to guide…

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Still Available Intellivision Flashback Overlay Sets

The Intellivision Flashback includes 60 games, but comes with only 10 hand controller overlay pairs. This pack includes the overlay pairs for the other 50 games. 50 pair of full-color overlays tha…

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Intellivision Trading Cards Set 2 Now Available

Marc O. is now selling Intellivision Trading Cards Set 2. After the amazing Set 1, don't miss out!  CHECK OUT HERE

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Intellivision Games for Sale at GOOD DEAL GAMES

DOWNLOAD the Ms Pac Man ROM for Intellivision

The digital ROM of Ms Pac Man is now available for purchase for play via emulation. Visit Carl Mueller Jr's site, Impossible Things for purchasing details on this great new release. The boxed ver…

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FOR SALE Intellivision Running Man Custom Wall Set

AA user CRAZY CLIMBER is offering a custom Intellivision running man wall set. Made from CNC Aluminum and very high quality. Check for availability HERE

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The Levels of Ms Pac Man for Intellivision

BUY Ms Pac Man for Intellivision

One of the greatest arcade games of all time is now on the Mattel Intellivision!   Courtesy of Intelligentvision.



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D2K Arcade Digital ROM Sale 10 Dollars

Now is the time to get your D2K Arcade digital game ROM file, this will be on sale from the original programmer until at least early 2015. Head on over to Carl Mueller Jr's website, IMPOSSIBLE THING…

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Elektronite offering Match 5 and Old School for Limited Time

Visit NABERHOOD, an official Elektronite Partner for ordering information on purchasing a copy of Match 5 or Old School for a limited time. Also check out the additional available Elektronite titles…

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LAST DAY to Order Intellivision Trading Card Set

Today is the last day to order your Intellivision Trading Card Series 1 set.  Act now or miss out on the first batch. ORDER HERE


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Epic Intellivision Flashback Review


Freelancer Games (Marc Oberhauser) is working on a series of trading cards for the Intellivision with the support of the INTV Funhouse. The first series will have 50 cards features the original Matt…

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Intv Brotherhood Shirt and Mug

A new custom Intv Brotherhood shirt and Mug are now available. Head on over to Atari Age for ordering details

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Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapters

The Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapter by Intellivisionaries


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Custom Astrosmash Sign

Order your custom Astrosmash sign NOW!

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Introducing the HIVE Intellivision Multicart

Groovybee's Intellivision Multicart now has a name, HIVE, as revealed today. The initial run of will only be 20 copies, but a full deluxe boxed copy is in the works. The Initial of run of 20 will be…

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Collectorvision now shipping SPACE RAID and SYDNEY HUNTER

Collectorvision has officially entered Intellivision scene with 2 great new releases!  Space Raid and Sydney Hunter are both now available for purchase and shipping. Both games include alternate box…

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