Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Celebrating 40 years of the Mattel Intellivision

[ARTICLE] 40 years on, celebrating the Mattel Intellivision The visionary console that tried to take on the mighty Atari.

I tried to hide my disappointment, but I couldn't. It was Christmas, 1983 and I wanted a ZX Spectrum. All my friends either had one, or were also desperately hoping one would be sitting under the tree. Instead, for reasons which my parents have never satisfactorily explained (it was probably on special offer), I got a Mattel Intellivision console. In the four years since between its release in 1979 and that fateful yuletide morning, the Intellivision had already played out its own rise and fall.

While I pined for a Speccy, in truth the Intellivision's chief opponent was another console entirely. Not that there was much competition - the Atari VCS was an all-conquering behemoth of a console, its shadow drawing long and wide across the world of videogames. It revolutionised home gaming. But the popularity of the VCS didn't scare away other manufacturers, and one eager outfit was veteran toy company, Mattel.

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