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Best selling video game consoles 1972 to 2019

Celebrating 40 years of the Mattel Intellivision

[ARTICLE] 40 years on, celebrating the Mattel Intellivision The visionary console that tried to take on the mighty Atari.

I tried to hide my disappointment, but I couldn't. It was Christmas, 1983 and I wanted a ZX Spectrum. All my friends either had one, or were also desperately hoping one would be sitting under the tree. Instead, for reasons which my parents have never satisfactorily explained (it was probably on special offer), I got a Mattel Intellivision console. In the four years…

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Port battles POPEYE

Horrible Hank vs Donkey Kong - Intellivision

Intellivision music soundtrack with electric guitars

Box art of the Mattel Intellivison

Coleco Evolved mini arcade cabinets announced

Tutorvision games playing on real Intellivision hardware

Map Mazes for the Tutorvision

Shapes in Space for the Tutorvision

INTELLIVISION 3 reproduction catalog coming soon


A reproduction of the Intellivision 3 catalog promo may soon be available.  Stay tuned here for more details.

8 bit Despacito song

Worlds largest game roon tour

Classic Intellivision games remade on wooden Game Boy Arduino clone

Tank Attack on Vtech Creativision

Father and his jerkoff son make a pickups video

VOTE NOW The 2016 Intellivision Game OF The Year

The annual Intellivision Game Of The Year poll is still underway. Cast your vote for your most favorite new Intellivision release of 2017. VOTE NOW.

IntyBasic Showcase Volume 1 CONTEST

Win some cool prizes and a free copy of the game. Check out the contest HERE!

Tutorial for cleaning Intellivision consoles

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